May 25, 2022

I would put window cleaning pretty high (so to speak) on the list of jobs that make sense to automate. The concert is certainly considered both unpleasant and dangerous – and, surprisingly, it does not involve as much risk. Do something that you consider standard for hovering hundreds of feet in the air.

Skyline made headlines last year with the introduction of Ozmo, a robotic system designed to clean hard-to-reach areas on the sides of skyscrapers — facade maintenance, as it’s known. The system is based on a pair of Kuka industrial robotic arms mounted on a suspended platform.

It uses lidar to determine the proximity of glass to be erased and relies on force sensors to ensure it doesn’t break in the process. Built-in algorithms keep the arm stable in extreme windy conditions, and the company claims it can recalculate the optimal harvesting path hundreds of times per minute.

The New York-based startup today announced $6.5 million in funding for “Pre-Series A” (to be honest, those funding rounds are starting to lose their meaning). Skyline Standard Holdings led the round. This round brings the company’s total funding to $9 million.

CEO Michael Brown said, “This successful funding round and the first implementation of Ozmo demonstrate that the demand for our products and services is not only tangible and felt by investors, but represents a significant business opportunity for Skyline.” “The credibility of our team matches that of the investment community.”

With millions of windows in New York City alone, there are certainly many opportunities that need cleaning up.

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