June 7, 2023

Pokemon GO has no finish to international and in-game tournament updates. A lot of new occasions and raid alternatives are added to the sport over time. Regardless of the a large number of controversies, akin to the new Faraway Raid unencumber, Niantic has made positive to steadily introduce new components. One among them is shadow raids all over the Emerging Shadows tournament.

Shadow Pocket Monsters are engineered Pokémon variants that deal larger injury from speedy and charged assaults, but additionally take in extra injury from assaults. Shadow Mewtwo has returned Pokemon GO with the most recent Emerging Shadows tournament. Mewtwo is robust and its shadow variant has much more assault energy. Gamers will have to have intensive meta abilities to win in contrast shadow raid boss.

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Shadow Mewtwo Raid Hours, Weaknesses and Resistances in Pokemon GO

Shadow Mewtwo Weaknesses and Resistances in Pokemon GO

The 5-Celebrity Shadow Mewtwo Raid starts Saturday, Would possibly 27 at 10 a.m. native time and ends Sunday, Would possibly 28 at 8 p.m. native time. Mewtwo is infamous for its tough skills. The Shadow variant isn’t any much less when compared. Solo gamers will have to steer clear of ambushing the 5-star boss; Defeating it calls for a gaggle of running shoes with robust counters.

The Mythical Psychic sort has excessive assault abilities with a stat unfold of 300 Assault, 182 Protection, and 214 Stamina. Pokemon GO Gamers can benefit from its protection stat and deal most injury to the raid boss. To make this imaginable, exploiting his sort weaknesses is a will have to.

The Solo Psychic sort has more than one weaknesses and resistances. Probably the most elementary technique is to milk its weaknesses and steer clear of sort resistances. For the reason that monster is liable to Computer virus, Darkish, and Ghost-type strikes, gamers will have to focal point on making a squad that revolves round them. Additionally, steer clear of Psychic and Fight-type assaults, as Shadow Mewtwo can simply face up to them.

Probably the most successful technique when preventing Shadow Mewtwo as a raid boss is to make use of the Identical Kind Assault Bonus function. Pokemon GO Will increase the volume of wear and tear when a Pokémon’s local sort and assault sort are the similar. Crucial factor is to pick out robust counters with STAB attainable to do most injury.

Pokemon GO: Highest Shadow Mewtwo Raid Counters

Shadow Mewtwo Counter in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Gamers will have to focal point on Shadow Mewtwo’s weaknesses when opting for counters. For the reason that Shadow Monster is vulnerable to Computer virus, Darkish, and Ghost-type strikes, it is efficient to make use of Pokemon that excel in them. A number of monsters use such assault varieties, however listed below are one of the crucial highest within the recreation:


Speedy motion

assault motion

Alolan Muk


darkish pulse



Brutal swing



darkish pulse

Beginning Giratina


shadow energy


malicious program chew

Large Buzz



shadow ball



foul play

Unbound hoopa


shadow ball



shadow ball



foul play

The Pokemon GO Climate Spice up can additional spice up a monster’s efficiency. One will have to steer clear of raiding places with windy climate, as this will likely additional spice up the raid boss’ efficiency.

That stated Pokemon GO The builders have determined to introduce Glossy Shadow Mewtwo for the primary time. All you must do is defeat the Shadow Raid Boss and watch for the Glossy Shadow Mewtwo to look.

Pokemon GO: Methods to get Glossy Shadow Mewtwo

Shiny Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon GO

Since Glossy Shadow Mewtwo isn’t to be had within the wild or as Egghatchers, taking part in Shadow Raids is one of the best ways to make sure an come upon. To make this imaginable, gamers want to top off on Raid Passes and gather as many Poké Balls as imaginable. The extra raids Pokemon GO The extra gamers they seize, the upper the possibilities of encountering a Glossy Shadow Mewtwo.

Pokemon GO will also be performed on Android and iOS units.

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