November 23, 2022

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) attempted to sidestep the AR-15 acquire age building up via bragging about Hunter Biden.

Senator Johnson mentioned:

Republicans are so terrified of going through the issue of gun violence that as an alternative of giving a significant resolution, Ron Johnson attempted to show the topic to Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden is 52 years previous. This has not anything to do with the Uvalda mass taking pictures or gun violence. Hunter Biden has not anything to do with Uvalda. Hunter Biden isn’t an elected reputable. Father did not make Hunter Biden a senior White Space adviser like Ivanka Trump did.

President Biden’s son has not anything to do with anything else, however Ron Johnson is working for re-election after breaking his term-limit promise, so he asks Hunter Biden the onerous query each time: the title will scream.

Youngsters are demise in school from mass shootings, and Ron Johnson would reasonably speak about Hunter Biden than save lives.

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