May 26, 2022

Construction company More sales for developers. Startups around the world are creating new, developer-focused — or at leastupcoming – Fast decision.

The developer tools tag on gaming-updates was busy this year. We took a look at the most recent news from Hardhat, Kodasi, Harness and Gadget to share a few different things.

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The concept of selling to developers is enticing. Many startups build APIs first, creating tools and services that software engineers can integrate with their existing products or workflows. This creates a dynamic where sales are often self-service and prices are more dependent on usage than the per-seat model that made SaaS ubiquitous.

Investors also enjoy building things for developers and selling them directly to end users. The data shows that more than $37 billion was invested in developer tool startups last year, which is a huge amount for any category.

The area we’re covering is broad, including companies like Hashicorp, which went public last year and created developer tools related to infrastructure and security. GitLab went public last year with its git-like code repository service for developers. And by the end of 2021, the world has gone public, selling IoT solutions, including APIs, to developers.

With venture capital accumulating in the technology business model category and a few recent IPOs for reference, you might think that the market for such work will be hotter than ever. and still.

Baldstart Ventures Ed Simo Yesterday, it was noted that the value of developer and infrastructure-focused startups has declined in recent quarters:

This certainly got us thinking, as the venture capital growth in the developer’s first products in 2021 was based on that year’s public market valuation. And they plummeted. The trend is not entirely new, although the latest figures clearly show it.

It is mentally worth returning to the IPO at the end of 2020. The company’s growth story has been a bit odd and the prices have been a little high. Then he brought down the gates of the public market like a horse race, raising his laurels into the stratosphere. However, things have changed since then.

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