May 25, 2022

Scratchpad started life as a simple way to add information to Salesforce, acting as a layer that sits on top of the popular CRM app, but the founders of the startup knew it needed to be more than a sales tool, and today it announced a new feature. Make Scratchpad the central workspace for salespeople by using intelligence to identify the most promising opportunities to close deals.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Puyang Salehi, says the company spends a lot of time observing salespeople and how they work. That’s how they came up with the idea to simplify the way they enter transaction data into Salesforce, but as they evolved they came up with a way to turn off some of the notification noises they encounter on a daily basis. to find

Scratchpad Sales Inbox contains a list of the most promising offers for sellers.

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“They are just bombarded with notifications, these warnings, and they distract or interrupt their flow. It causes a lot of work,” Salehi explained. He said startups have begun figuring out how to reduce that noise and bring out the information that is most important to merchants, usually the deals they can close the fastest. What does it mean to do my best, and what do I need to do next to get there?

“We came up with this concept for the first mailbox for sale. Thus, it is a container that stores all your important notifications and alerts. And the big difference is that it not only gives them that information, but it also gives them a much faster and easier way to act on them,” he said.

The notifications that the seller sees are configurable. Clients can embed them in a simple workflow engine called Scratchpad Notification Builder, and Salehi sees this as a first step towards helping sales teams create workflows that understand how they work.

In January, the company announced a $33 million Series B, and the announcement is at least partly about putting that money to work to provide a platform experience to empower the product.

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