November 29, 2022

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) pleaded responsible to his workforce after being accused through the 1/6 committee of voter fraud.

After the committee offered proof of his involvement, Johnson’s spokesman tweeted:

Both Ron Johnson does not know what his staff are doing, or he is mendacity. The rationale Senator Johnson will not be telling in reality that workforce individuals do not in most cases discuss with the vp’s administrative center and take a look at to create one thing like Senator Johnson giving Pence a faux vote himself.

The worker used to be most likely instructed to touch Pence’s administrative center to take action. Senator Johnson believes that since he didn’t make the request himself, he has a realistic rebuttal.

A handy guide a rough name from a member of workforce may shed some mild at the entire affair, however Senator Johnson’s tale does not make sense. In Johnson’s model, he used to be in entire darkness, whilst his workforce have been so smartly conscious about the fictional collusion with citizens that they may competently discuss to Pence’s workforce.

The one that knew concerning the conspiracy used to be Ron Johnson. The 1/6 Committee catches him, and as Johnson hides at the back of the workforce’s excuse, it raises extra questions than it solutions.

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