June 2, 2023

Deeper into the ruins of Salazar Citadel, Leon and Ashley should challenge throughout the courtyard to the Nice Corridor and in spite of everything the Mausoleum, and combat via many extra castellans, zealots or even armored knights in Bankruptcy 9 of Resident Evil 4. This information will take avid gamers throughout the 9th bankruptcy of the Resident Evil 4 Remake protecting occasions from the courtyard labyrinth for the Come across with the mausoleum.

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Beginning within the safety room, take the door to the correct of the typewriter onto the balcony and head downstairs. Within the hedge maze, cross left and stay going immediately, then proper simply sooner than the steps, take the ladder up and pull the lever up. That is how avid gamers are offered to the Courtyard’s gimmick – decrease 3 flags from 3 towers to advance.

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cross backtrack the ladder, Take the trail to the left of the steps, apply the hedge maze and switch left on the first intersection. Whilst you succeed in the perimeters of the maze, flip proper and apply the trail till some canine burst out of a cage in entrance of you. Those creatures can slip throughout the trees, so keep alert.


Head previous the cage to a dry smartly the place extra canine will assault. Take care of them and cross at the back of the fountain and head immediately throughout the underpass the place Leon will come throughout any other tower from which he can deploy a 2nd flag.


Pass backtrack the ladder and free up a gate within the nook. Take the second one proper right here and apply the trail to any other canine cage. Pass across the cage at the left till Leon comes throughout any other lever. Kill the attacking canine and command Ashley to drag the lever, opens the gate at the different facet. Return round and throughout the gate, climb the steps and take the second one proper to succeed in the general tower and open the go out to the maze.

Whilst you go out the tower, some Ganados will spawn within the maze. Drop right down to the left and make your means throughout the maze towards Ashley, killing all of the castellans alongside the way in which. As soon as Ashley’s protection is confident, Return to the central stairs and take them upand cross throughout the massive double doorways to go into the Grand Corridor.

Nice Corridor


Within the Nice Corridor there’s a saferoom at the proper and a shortcut again to the Target market Chamber, which is full of extraordinarily treasured treasure. Again within the corridor, take the steps to the statue the place avid gamers can realize 3 lacking heads. No longer with the ability to engage with it but, cross throughout the door at the left and input the eating room to resolve the tabletop puzzle there.

With the Caged Snake Statue open, take away snakehead and put it at the Headless Statue within the Nice Corridor. From right here, take the steps on the north finish of the Halls’ higher stage to go into an front. Observe the hall and take the steps right down to get to the armory.



Drop and take those Lion head from the statue behind the room. This may carry two Armadura to existence and assault Leon. Shoot the wound of their neck to stun them, then method for a melee assault to knock off their helmets and disclose their parasites. When that is completed, Leon can use a Flashbang to complete them off briefly.

Now two extra will come to existence and Ashley will lend a hand from the ground above, throwing lanterns to stun them. Stay preventing them with the lanterns, flash grenades and Leon’s huge arsenal till all of them fall. Within the remaining wave, an Armadura could have a vulnerable level within the neck. To succeed in him, parry the creature’s sword assaults till Leon can knock off the helm.


Manner Ashley with all of the Armadura and use the engage button to catch her as she falls. from right here, Have interaction with the lever at the centaur statue’s tail To open the gate, apply the hall again to the Nice Corridor, ensuring you pick out up the cubic software alongside the way in which.

This time position the lion head within the headless statue, Take the steps at the reverse facet of the armoryends up in the gallery.

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Crossing the bridge within the gallery, two Zealots will seem round a nook and use a lever to carry Leon to the bottom. Run down right here to the ladder on the different finish of the room and take out the Purple Zealot as briefly as imaginable to steer clear of a protracted combat. After getting rid of the remainder of the Ganados, pull the lever up right here to boost the bridge. Again to the bridge, take that Goat Head Statue and kill the Ganados which are attacking sooner than returning to the Nice Corridor.

putting the Goat head within the headless statue opens a passage at the proper and triggers a cutscene the place Leon and Ashley are separated.



Whilst you first take regulate of Ashley, make your means across the bookshelves take a lantern, at which level a hidden panel presentations up. Pass between the partitions and crouch underneath the rubble and with the animal heads fastened, make your means down the hall.

Input any other room, cross across the bookshelves and input the door to the left of the grandfather clock to go into the library right kind. Crouch underneath the bookshelves and proceed throughout the library. Weave your means throughout the bookshelves and push ahead till you succeed in it a pedestal for Ashley to put her lantern on to open a secret passage. Undergo it and switch the crank on the finish to expose a hidden staircase. Get the lamp and cross upstairs, take hold of ita host of keys from the facet desk in the name of the game room.


Head backtrack and come across the patrolling Armadura. To combat this creature as Ashley, use the purpose button to freeze the knight in position and run previous him. Again in opposition to the library front any other creature will assault; freeze it with the torch and transfer directly to the locked shutter at the different facet. Use the 3rd button from the left to open the shutter and press the elevator button to head up.

If the elevator stops, use the interplay button to open the shutter and cross to the following flooring. As you advance additional into the room, a temporary scene will start. From this saferoom, flip left and cross across the bookshelves to discover a word that claims “11:04 AM.”


I flip again to the place Ashley entered the room Use the grandfather clock to transport the palms to 11:04, opens a secret passage. Head inside of and down the steps the place any other Armadura will assault. Freeze it with the lantern gentle and run previous, flip the crank within the hallway past.

Again within the library, any other knight will seem. Freeze it and run backtrack the western hallway and succeed in a room with a 2nd grandfather clock. Set the palms to 11:04 once more to open any other secret passage and ensure no knights assault from at the back of. Take the steps at the back of the clock right into a small basement the place Ashley can name any other elevator. As you wait, ensure she’s no longer adopted by means of an Armadura.

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Ashley takes the elevator down and arrives on the mausoleum. Run previous the armor and read about the gate in entrance of you, which options the symbols of a moose, a shrimp, a snake, and a fowl. Alternatively, very similar to how Leon solved the sword puzzle sooner than, there are gongs within the corridor that correspond to the symbols at the gate If you happen to pull the primary one, the armor might be woke up.

There are two gongs alongside each and every flank of the mausoleum, and activating each and every one will lead to much more Armadura awakening. Run throughout the area, dragging a sequence at each and every nook whilst dodging knight assaults and freezing them in position in the event that they get too shut. When all of the gongs have rung, cross throughout the opened gate and run down the steps. Happily, there are blue torches on this room, so the Armadura can not apply Ashley any longer.


Upon coming into a room with a cenotaph within the heart, avid gamers should clear up the mausoleum puzzle to advance. This slightly simple puzzle comes to the correct lantern to compare the relaxation on the cenotaph wall. Position Ashley’s personal star-shaped lantern at the rightmost pedestal from the doorway, then take the half-moon lantern from the middle and change it with the full-moon lantern at the left and produce that again to the middle. When each and every lantern is in its right kind position, the cenotaph must free up for Ashley to take action take the Salazar circle of relatives badge from the center.

With the insignia within the pocket, the lighting within the mausoleum cross out, forcing a dash again to the elevator the place Ashley arrived. After crawling throughout the frozen knights, input the real mausoleum to search out heaps of Armadura ready to ambush our protagonist. Take the rightmost flank – steer clear of the knight breaking the wood partition – and price for the elevator, protecting a large berth round all of the knights.


Up the elevator, up the steps when any other knight assaults. Lead him down and run round him again up. On the best of the steps, flip proper and return into the library. Crouch underneath the bookshelves to the left of the doorway to steer clear of much more enemies.

Take the east stairs up and position the Salazar Circle of relatives Badge within the shield-shaped slot to the left of the gate. Undergo it to cause a cutscene that closes the bankruptcy.

The Resident Evil 4 make new is recently to be had for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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