May 26, 2022

Firstbase announced the series Today is the B round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins. gaming-updates covered the company’s Series A a year ago, when the world’s telecommunications crews were in full swing.

Now, in a more hybrid world where companies large and small are trying to figure out how to balance office and home workers, we were curious about Firstbase’s plans for the future.

The startup is helping clients hire remote employees so new hires can get the equipment they need. If you’ve changed jobs during the pandemic, you probably know that it’s not always easy for newcomers to get tech products, a fact that increases as the physical distance between corporate offices and individual employees increases.

The company has expanded the feature set since we last spoke. Firstbase continues to help new customer hires with equipment selection, delivery and pickup. He added funding to his set of proposals. Now, for a recurring fee, Firstbase allows customers to pay for new employee equipment and other remote office peripherals, such as furniture, on a reasonable basis.

Growing up in the Age of Hybrids

A key question for Firstbase is how it fits into a world that is partly reverting to office work. With the release of startup quality metrics in recent quarters, including a 16x increase in revenue since April 2021 compared to a 7x increase in customers over the same time period, will the market be less welcoming to FirstBase’s remote worker product than before?

Founder and director Chris Herdow Vanity told Kippe that companies with a hybrid workforce are using Firstbase to purchase equipment for office workers and those who work on their own digs. gaming-updates asked the company about customer segmentation between remote and hybrid businesses to get an idea of ​​where the midsize business is heading. Hurd said that Firstbase’s set of customers is fairly evenly spread, but some of the proposed hybrid businesses are still largely inactive.

I’m afraid the future of work continues to waver.

But what Firstbase is building might be suitable for the office world. The startup is developing or plans to develop warehouse facilities in the US, UK and Europe. This physical footprint allows startups to manage the flow of equipment to and from employees, reducing delivery delays. During a global chip shortage, it can be tempting to outsource critical supply chain work to a third party, even for companies looking for more IRL workforce.

gaming-updates was curious if Firstbase plans to become a mobile device management (MDM) business in addition to its current operations. MDMs like JMF – now open source – are more about the device than the physical distribution and maintenance of the hardware. Hurd said that two years ago the idea to create MDM capabilities came up. However, he said that at the same time, Firstbase found that customers wanted it to connect to existing MDM products and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software systems rather than replace those devices.

If Firstbase sells significant volumes of SMBs that don’t have MDM tools, it could end up making life easier for smaller customers.

Regardless, Hurd said that by expecting his company to work with A and B stage startups, it is moving up the customer maturity ladder by hiring hundreds and thousands of employees. That means six-figure deals instead of five-figure deals, he said. Private companies usually don’t share more than these totals, but in this case they help explain the company’s recent growth rate.

Firstbase is a good mix of software, hardware and financial technology. This makes estimating gross margins or other economic details difficult. For those who are leaking the deck – or the company goes public as soon as possible so we can take a look at the data.

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