June 24, 2022

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) supported Russia’s view that Ukraine is a part of Russia and is closed underneath Artwork. Blinken State.

Video by way of Paul and Blinken:

Blinken mentioned that the international locations that Russia has attacked in recent times weren’t a part of NATO.

Paul spoke back, “You want to even argue that the international locations they attacked have been a part of Russia, a part of the Soviet Union.”

Blinken mentioned, “And I completely disagree with that proposal. That is the elemental proper of those international locations to select their very own future.”

Paul claimed that the international locations underneath assault have been a part of the Soviet Union because the Nineteen Twenties, and Blinken spoke back, “That does not give Russia the precise to assault them.”

The phrases that flew out of the mouth of Rand Paul throughout the hearings have been in Russian. Russian state media and Putin attempted to justify the invasion of Ukraine at the grounds that Ukraine was once a part of the Soviet Union.

Blinken’s 2nd reaction was once a specific rejection of the Russian subject of dialog, however it can be crucial that the management and media representatives indicate when a Republican makes use of the Russian subject of dialog.

Senator Paul used his platform to include Russian propaganda and analysis into American political discourse.

Those issues will have to be obviously marked and rejected.

Rand Paul does the grimy paintings for Putin. The one method to hang Putin’s Republican Birthday party responsible is to spot and prevent them in actual time.

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