December 7, 2022

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced (R-CA) mentioned the federal government will kill other folks inside of their our bodies for consuming cheeseburgers.


Inexperienced mentioned:

It’s important to admit that the federal government needs to stay each and every a part of your lifestyles underneath surveillance. They wish to know if you end up consuming. They wish to know in case you are consuming a cheeseburger, which is just too dangerous, Invoice Gates needs you to devour this faux meat rising in a peach tree dish. So, you are going to most certainly get a fee inside of your frame and say no, no, do not devour an actual cheeseburger. Consume faux Invoice Gates meat.

They most certainly additionally wish to know whilst you pass to the bathroom and the way incessantly and on time you’ve got a bowel motion. I imply, what else do those other folks wish to know.

Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced just lately gained the Georgia number one. Kevin McCarthy promised he would get promotions and higher committee appointments if the Republicans regained the Area of Representatives.

Representatives might be within the majority within the Inexperienced Area if Democrats do not vote in November, mocking Invoice Gates plots and peach tree cuisine from positions of energy.

The combination of lack of information about what is going on with Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced is bad.

It’s simple to giggle at him, however the seriousness is that folks like him would possibly quickly develop into politicians in america.

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