December 7, 2022

Rachel Maddow reacts to Trump’s testimony wherein she fears dying via destroying the previous president whilst below the affect of fruit.

Muddo Video:

Mado stated:

Now we all know one thing new about former President Trump that we didn’t know sooner than: he’s very scared of flying tomatoes. I do not know If I had been him, I will’t imagine I’d inform the arena that I’ve one of these phobia. It exposes your weak point to the arena, does not it? However his concern of the flying tomato is it appears so nice that once faced with a verbal dialogue of the opportunity of any person throwing a tomato, he instantly places him susceptible to the tomato flying like a banana. After which to the risk of a flying pineapple. There also are tomatoes, pineapples and extra. Sure, I believe they wish to be competitive to stop this from going down. As a result of if that occurs, then your existence could also be misplaced. Query. Does aggression contain using bodily drive? Trump – In order that no person throws a pineapple, tomato, banana, and so forth., sure, this can be a bad factor.

Ok, sir, how are we going to provide the nuclear code of america? I imply, we need to be actual. If a banana arrives, any person has to make a hard selection. How are we able to know? Did any person throw a pineapple at this individual as a kid? It explains the entirety?

Trump seems to be too scared of being killed via flying fruit.

Coming from the similar guy who spent maximum of his presidency raving about bathrooms and light-weight bulbs, this will have to come as no marvel. Our archives include extra tales about Trump and bathrooms than every other president in historical past.

Now the arena is aware of that Trump could also be a nut.

One thing is critically improper with Donald Trump and he’s going to by no means be allowed to be president once more.

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