May 25, 2022

QoS, the UAE-based education technology and remote work marketplace that is changing the way people around the world hone their skills and find jobs, plans to increase its platform’s usage 10x this year. In the coming years. Today, the startup announced that it is closing $3 million in pre-funding to accelerate that growth.

Qureos was founded last August by Alexander Epure, Mehrad Yaghmay and Osama Nini with the goal of making mentoring more accessible to people starting their careers or looking to change jobs.

The startup has evolved into a platform that provides synchronous group learning led by industry experts (mentors) who use the platform to monetize their experience.

Qureos also connects interns with projects in their respective field on its platform.

“The experience we have at Qureos is to learn from others and industry experts, as well as project-based learning solutions or case studies,” said Apure, CEO of Qureos, a former Swell employee at Nini .

Epure said learning Qureos is a move away from mostly self-paced open online courses (MOOCs), which he says are often difficult to measure as they require constant updating.

At Queros, trainees are given practical tasks to complete in groups on behalf of client companies.

“Everyone presents their work, receives feedback, evaluation and reflections from mentors. That’s how you learn from colleagues and the best people in the world,” says Apure.

To date, Kurios has attracted more than 25,000 interns, 200 consultants from major technology companies such as Google, Cisco and Amazon, and 300 business partners who use its platform to get things done.

Interns pay a fee and companies pay membership fees depending on the frequency and type of vacancies.

The startup has a user base of 133 countries, of which about 32% are from Africa, and live mainly in the South and North Africa region.

Epure said it is creating new learning and work opportunities for millions of Gen Z and millennial youth who are largely unemployed or underemployed due to a lack of marketable skills often not taught in a traditional curriculum. The startup was recently selected by Dubai Future Accelerators to bridge the skills gap between the unemployed and those entering the labor market.

Kurios says this creates new learning and work opportunities for millions of young people. image credit: curios

In addition, Apure said the platform helps companies reduce the time and cost of hiring new employees by up to 79 percent, as potential employers can quickly recruit new talent based on the results of projects completed by interns.

The preliminary round was led by Dubai-based COTU Ventures and New York-based Colle Capital, who helped Swvl through a special acquisition last week.

Victoria Grace, Founder and Managing Partner of Coal Capital, said: “We see tremendous opportunity in Curios’ mission to bridge knowledge gaps and advance professionals through an exceptional direct mentorship path. At the same time, the platform provides a great opportunity for high-skilled professionals to directly monetize their knowledge related to various network influencers, as well as a way for companies to access a high-quality and motivated talent pool. Opens up great opportunities.

The round was also attended by global and regional investors including Globivest, Plutus21 Capital, Dubai Angel Investors and Aljaini Venture Capital, as well as many angels including current and former leaders of Swvl, Boston Consulting Group, Moelis & Company , Careem, Cisco Systems. Koenz, Message Bird, Bain & Company, Hipperpool, ADNOC, QIA.

After a period of “organic growth”, Qureos plans to use the funds for a marketing campaign to increase awareness and acceptance.

“Today we have a global presence, and to maintain this in the future, we are building a team to help us with our growth plans, including the creation of various forms of information marketing. We also have an aggressive plan for using our technology and our product,” says Apure.

“The approach is to create an ecosystem with a proven and unique way of learning that also ensures that interns have access to world-class mentors.”

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