May 28, 2022

from facebook meta oculus The Quest 2 headset has managed to carve out a surprisingly large niche as a high-tech workout device as people use programs like Beat Saber and Supernatural for cardio workouts. virtual reality helmet.

Meta today announced that Oculus Move is bringing new integration with Apple Health, as well as a mobile view of health statistics in the Oculus mobile app. Previously, health data, including active time, calories burned, and goal/progress, was only visible in the headset.

For years, Meta hasn’t earned itself any privacy controversy, which is why they point out that exporting motion data from the headset to your phone or the Apple Health app is strictly voluntary and doesn’t display that data. Report offers.

This is a very cool (and long-awaited) update for the headset, but many users would like to finally see it on their devices.

In Connect’s latest keynote, CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the Quest’s popularity as a learning tool.

“Many of you are already using Quest to stay in shape, it allows you to train in a whole new way,” Zuckerberg said in his keynote. “It’s like a peloton, but instead of a bike, you just have a virtual reality headset and you can do everything from boxing lessons to fencing to dancing with it.”

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