December 8, 2022
Kids are our maximum prone, treasured Texans, they usually must come first. But President Biden is popping a blind eye to oldsters throughout The usa who’re fighting the nightmare of a national scarcity of toddler formulation. Whilst moms and dads stare in panic at empty grocery retailer cabinets, the Biden management is excited to offer child meals to unlawful immigrants crossing our southern border.

That is any other in an extended line of sloppy, out-of-touch priorities for the Biden management in terms of protective our border and protective American citizens. Our kids deserve a president who places their wishes and survival first, now not those that hand out necessary provides to the unlawful immigrants they’re sworn to serve.

Killing kids and denying abortion rights is what Republicans need to give protection to lifestyles. Governor Abbott isn’t suggesting what President Biden must do with all young children who will now not be weaned.

The Republicans haven’t any actual plan. That is not anything however an never-ending surge of reckless anger aimed toward splitting the rustic. They do not thoughts that the famine isn’t a successful political sign for just about 70% of the rustic’s inhabitants.

Republicans wish to remove the appropriate to vote, after which the appropriate to meals.

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