May 25, 2022

Hello and welcome to Equity, the startup business podcast where we reveal the numbers and nuances behind the headlines. every Monday, Elegance As well as Alex As well as Kahlo View the news and take notes on what’s happening at the start of the week.

There was a theme this week. They were startups. Too many startups. Here is an overview:

  • The market was mixed this morning due to strong crypto trading results and great news from Tesla.
  • The main weekend discussion in the world of technology and startups was devoted to this analysis of crypto-startups not handing out board seats to investors. Call it the highest friendliness to the founders? It’s also a huge risk, given that investors have historically taken board seats for a reason. However, you must win these trades.
  • Y Combinator demo day this week: we’ll see hundreds of startups making their presentations at lightning speed. Of course, many have already accumulated capital, but the capitalist chatter is still worth watching. I’m looking for API-led startups and any clues as to where DAOs are going personally.
  • Zepto has compiled everything gaming-updates covers here, and I had some thoughts about it.

This week the situation in the field of high technology was calm, which means that we can focus on startups. See you tomorrow at Demo Day!

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