May 25, 2022

Apple Podcasts is rolling out new features to encourage podcasters to offer paid in-app subscriptions to listeners. One of these features – for better or for worse – will show podcasters in their personal analytics dashboard how many people are following them on Apple Podcasts. Get ready for an ego test!

For some reason, the number of subscribers is not visible to creators, although the Apple Podcasts Connect page shows statistics on how many listeners you have, how long people listen before they drop out, and each other’s numbers. episodes perform in comparison.

However, some podcasters may find that their Apple Podcasts Connect stats are lower than expected. Most U.S. podcast listeners use Spotify, so these analyzes, which only show the number of Apple Podcast listeners, don’t give creators a general idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir show’s performance (although dropout rates can be useful). Since this data point is not available on distribution platforms such as libsync).

Apple wrote on its blog, “Listeners who follow a show want new episodes as they become available, so a show’s subscribers can serve as an indicator of people who might subscribe.”

Following Apple’s logic, if you find that they have a lot of subscribers on their app, you might consider launching paywall content through their subscription service, which launched less than a year ago. Podcasters hosting subscriber-exclusive content agree to pay Apple 30% of subscription revenue for the first year and 15% for the second year thereafter. But for those who release paywall content on Spotify, the platform is not cutting revenue for now, and two years after launch, it will cost 5%. Other podcasters can monetize their shows in other ways by creating fan subscriptions on platforms like Patreon, which can provide access to private Discord servers designed to grow the community around the show, rather than just offering platform-specific bonus content. help in.

Apple Podcasts Analytics Dashboard Screenshot

image credit: Apple Podcasts

But Apple has the advantage that the app is pre-loaded on your iPhone, so it might be easier for new podcast listeners to subscribe to shows on an existing app. Apple is so eager to get a share of podcasters’ revenue that it launched Jump Start, a program that gives podcasters direct guidance from the Apple Podcasts team to help them develop their subscription offerings. But this guide is only available to members of the Apple Podcasters Program, also known as AKA, who have already opted to sell their Apple Podcasts subscription for an annual fee of $19.99.

A few more small updates for those who subscribe to the program: you can now only upload .mp3 files as subscription audio (previously you could only upload .wav and .flac), and you can set up a subscription banner that lets you see.

All updates are rolling out today, except for this tantalizing subscriber counter, which is coming to the Apple Podcast Connect creators’ dashboard next month.

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