May 23, 2022

In the past, startups that gained influence from the CIO could go through a buying process and host workshops for new clients after contracts were awarded.

Today, a decade or more into the era of end users, consumers have turned into tail dogs.

A product-centric development model has become widespread: instead of wasting resources on customer acquisition, PLG companies deliver and scale faster and more efficiently. In addition, they become public knowledge faster.

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Optimizing payback time, using data to calibrate customer touchpoints, and giving every employee a shared understanding of the customer journey is how PLG giants like Slack and Dropbox carved their niche, Vidya writes. ,

He shares his terms with gaming-updates+ to help make product-focused efforts more successful and sustainable.

“Think of bite-sized experiences, each of which will have a meaningful outcome for the client,” she says.

Their advice goes beyond the basics of best practice, explaining alignment and partnership strategies, community nutrition advice, and other PLG tactics.

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It’s time to hold investors accountable and end proportionately

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Many investors arouse the admiration and attention of entrepreneurs from the very beginning, and then fade into the background.

“Based on what our founders tell us, the 20% of qualified contributors are not helping their founders build strategic relationships,” wrote Vijay Chata and Jay Kapoor, general partners of VSC Ventures.

Calling for reform of the industry, Kapoor and Chata proposed replacing proportional rate clauses with performance-based agreements.

“The efficiency ratio section of the Founder’s Cap table will be displayed separately for each investor. Larger companies may offer a wide range of services, while individual GPs and smaller sponsors may specialize in a specific business function such as marketing, sales, design, engineering, or PR.

Build Cloud Sales Team Early Based on Three Factors to Consider

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Hiring an experienced sales professional who is also comfortable with the uncertainty that comes with working early on is a challenge.

“Founders need someone who understands the big picture, understands the business, loves technology, and most importantly, asks a lot of questions,” said Andy Stines, general partner of Cloud Apps Capital Partners.

Standard cloud provider storage policies are not enough, it is better to backup your SaaS

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Much of the work has moved to the cloud these days as SaaS tools replace traditional on-premise software in the enterprise.

But where SaaS tools make life easier, the nature of cloud companies and their data retention policies mean that in the event of a cyberattack or failure, you are responsible for backing up any data they use. The tools are used, not your cloud provider, explains Brian Spanwick, Chief Information Officer of Cohesity.

To protect their data, Spanwick writes, companies should put in place proactive mechanisms to protect, back up, and restore all data used by SaaS tools across the enterprise.

“It’s not enough to rely on carriers’ standard retention and recovery policies.”

Dear Sophie! How long does it take to get parole for an international entrepreneur?

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dear Sophie,

My co-founder and I are E-2 status. We need to find a fast visa option as the VC investment will dilute our capital and we will no longer be able to qualify for the E-2.

We are considering International Business Parole as an option as we will be able to easily qualify based on expected investment and it seems to be easier than O-1A.

How long does an IEP last? How can we speed up?

— Tej Udaan, Founder

Despite the decline, the value of crypto assets in the DeFi protocol is 3 times higher than a year ago.

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While 18 of the top 100 decentralized finance chains have fallen in value in recent days, “the rest are riding a rising tide due to demand and enthusiasm from early adopters,” said our new senior cryptocurrency reporter Jacqueline Melinek. ,

Total Value Lock (TVL) across all DeFi networks is down about 16% since December last year, “but market participants believe the DeFi space is still in its infancy and has room to grow.”

What Yuga Labs wants to build after raising $450 million

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The Bored Ape Yacht Club has been a phenomenal success for Era Labs, and with $450 million in new capital, the crypto startup is aiming to build a complete universe for its apes.

Based on Second Life, Era Labs plans to open the door to a wider audience with a “compatible gaming metaverse” that will take advantage of the recently released APECoin, Alex Wilhelm wrote in The Exchange.

Alex delves into this “metaRPG”, Yuga’s proposed plans for her deck of investors, and how her financial data paints a picture of the company while remaining valuable as a gambling company if she plays her cards right. you can earn a lot of money.

Using data to solve the main problems of today’s banking customers

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Banks and fintechs have greater access to data than ever before, but many advances have gone in the same direction: inflation and wage stagnation are limiting consumers’ ability to save, but services like buy now and pay later are spending. do. Give.

Algorithms, social media, and collaborative filtering have vastly improved product discovery, but to provide greater financial support to customers, “modern banks can use data to improve consumer financial health and build confidence.” writes. ,

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