May 25, 2022

There is no textbook method for creating a startup engineering team: in the beginning, everyone had different hats.

But when a company enters a growth phase, the hiring process is simplified, new hires are spread across different departments, and a thin layer of management is applied to keep everything in order.

When Jean-Denis Greuze took over as CTO at Plaid in 2017, the fintech company was still trying to figure out a way to make its Series A “a product marketplace with around 20 engineers,” writes corporate reporter Ron Miller. ,

Today Plaid’s technical team consists of 350 people.

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In an interview, Grease explained how Plaid moved away from a holistic ethos towards a system where members had well-defined roles that they were not tied to.

I asked Ron what surprised him the most when he broke the story, and he said Visa’s failed bid to buy Plaid last year made it easier for them to hire new tech talent.

All of a sudden, “people who didn’t want to be part of startups and wanted to scale and solve security problems were more than willing to talk to them,” Ron says.

“While he used to think the cage was too small for his ambition.”

We’re covering the Y Combinator Winter 2022 demo day today and tomorrow, including a selection of staff favorites, so be sure to check back every afternoon.

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2 reasons why demo days are over

image credit: Martin Harvey (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Demo days are all about showcasing tech media, but does this showcase Silicon Valley tradition benefit founders and investors?

In a guest post for TC+, Michael Red, co-founder and president of 22 Ventures, talks about two factors that make demo days less relevant: many startups are closing funding deals before the big show, and founders are more interested in working with value. investors added.

“Simply eliminating the demo day will not help the founders find that value or get investors to bid,” Reid wrote. “We need to better understand why demo day fails and how to find deals on a more personal level.”

Cryptocurrency mining is approaching a critical point

cryptocurrency mining rig

image credit: southern_agency (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

The Ethereum community is ready for change.

The long-awaited decision to move from a proof-of-work consensus protocol to a preferred proof-of-stake protocol will force many people to mine other cryptocurrencies, writes Blockware Solutions CFO Warren Rogers.

“Ethereum miners are at a very high risk of their machines becoming obsolete overnight,” because PoS requires special hardware to allow bitcoin to remain the most important cryptocurrency.

“While this may be true in the short term, in the long term this transition sets the precedent for a significant change in underlying protocols,” Rogers said.

Use RevOps to develop a customer-centric approach to B2B sales

Conceptual image of golden piggy bank and stethoscope isolated on pure white, selective focus on piggy bank

image credit: Malamas-UK (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Employees are hired to perform a specific task, which can confuse even a start-up startup.

Companies that find ways to integrate their sales streams and customer experience have an advantage, writes Errol Toker, founder and CEO of

“To optimize your unique path for better customer interaction, you need a multidisciplinary team that is fully focused on that goal and sees the customer as their guiding light,” says Toker.

“We call it RevOps.”

Improved NFT search to empower digital content creators and marketplaces

A woman looks inside a treasure on a deserted beach.

image credit: Dougal Waters (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

The recommendation algorithm for a company selling jacks online is easy to build, but when selling NFTs, optimizing for unlimited products, anonymous customers, and non-transparent consumer behavior becomes a major challenge.

This may be a growing pain for the NFT market, writes Alexander Robike, co-founder and CEO of Crossing Minds, but the current situation is hurting digital creators as their art becomes another drop in the ocean.

According to Robike, the key to solving this problem is to create a system that facilitates the opening of NFTs:

“If a recommendation algorithm can help buyers find NFTs they like, or think they have investment potential, or both, and if it can keep buyers coming back for more, artists will come. Cut open its fruits. ,

IT can play a key role in sustainable development

Plant growing on a computer board

image credit: Weerapatkiatdumarong (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Data centers consume about one percent of the world’s electricity every year, but given that the recent heat wave in Antarctica only cost us a new ice shelf, every little thing counts.

In a detailed post, Cloudbolt CEO Jeff Kukowski shares several strategies that reduce IT energy consumption by implementing intelligent automation, increasing transparency, reducing shadow IT, and optimizing CI/CD pipelines.

“The sum of many small changes will lead to needed transformational reforms,” he says.

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