May 28, 2022

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Welcome to the Daily Crunch on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Today was one of those days when journalists loved – to write crazy, to collect resources – all the qualities of a good newspaper! Join us as our fingers dance to the beat of the Lindy Hop on our keyboards.

Now that you’re here: do you like robots? we believe! Join us in Boston on July 22 to discuss guns, montage, articulation, drives, and Asimov’s legal discourse. Think about it, we’re 12% sure we’ll cover the rest of the robotics alphabet as well. I Christine As well as Hey

Vanity Kip top 3

  • stops early: Although it managed to raise a lot of money last year, it looks like Fast, a one-click company, has had to slow down its growth rate. However, everything happened very quickly. Last Friday there were reports that Fast was looking for a buyer, and then the company surprised us all today with the closing, saying that “2011 revenue growth was modest, cash flow strong and fundraising.”
  • The venture capital market continues to grow: When funding deals were so good in 2021, they will always be hard to compete with. So it’s not surprising that there was some slowdown when the exchange looked into Crunchbase data on venture capital deals in the first quarter. Given the current macroeconomic conditions, this is to be expected: inflation, higher interest rates, bigger checks, higher valuations. stock market recommendation Be active in this environment.
  • Peloton reduced the price of a guide: The Peloton System Guide for TV Boxes is now on sale for a discounted price of $295, previously listed as $495. This isn’t the first product the fitness giant has slashed the price of, perhaps in the name of affordability?

Startups and venture capitalists

Hello aspiring nerds. We’re back with another round of news from the startup world, starting with an article by MGV Managing Partner Mark Schroeder explaining why VCs need to worry about the financial crisis. Venture capitalist proposal. The biggest venture capital firms manage far more assets than you might think, as Kony points out in his article.

The news I choose for you to read:

  • Following Walmart, Cake is taking a break from sexual health, Target admits: Sexual wellness company Cake was already at Walmart — now it’s taking over the shelves at Target too.
  • Lightning increases its cash reserves to support the stablecoinThe company has raised $70 million to move stablecoins across the bitcoin network.
  • Boba Networks fully embodies the benefits of Fireworks over Ethernet: At a $1.5 billion valuation, the company added $45 million to its treasury to help Ethereum in its next phase of development.
  • Sit back, Airbyte wants to be happy going out of the office: The open source data integration platform has launched a cloud service to serve a wider customer base.
  • Warp Corp. growing to make Terminal better: Innovation rarely comes from a humble command line, but Warp convinced investors to put in $23 million for innovation.
  • ReadySet takes a risk and creates the best enterprise dataset: Royal PITA can be used for enterprise-wide data extraction. ReadySet positions itself as an intermediary between legacy systems and modern data needs.
  • Allsated focuses on a hot corporate metaverse that has yet to be completed: Allsated Events is moving away from virtualization and wants to help companies create their own metaverse, raising $15 million in the process.
  • WorkRise will be updated with an unexpected reductionWorkRise: Despite a $2.9 billion valuation last year, Workrise is seeing improvements, laying off part of its workforce of 600 people.
  • Ghosts rule the fried, confiscated haunted kitchen; financial goals: Ghost kitchens only exist on delivery apps. Ghost Financial helps them with financial tools to help them grow and run their business.
  • Based on the data, it’s not surprising that Tinybird leads geeks to less hazy statistics: Tinybird raises $37 million to turn data into real-time analytics.
  • drum impacts for bulk solids compaction: The company has raised $50 million Series A to consolidate several external suppliers.
  • With a $3 billion valuation, the remote is ready for a hug: Remote work continues, and Remote has raised $300 million to continue developing a suite of tools to help manage everything.
  • GotTrade comes to the rescue, share stock, tailorsA: Not everyone can afford a $700 stock. GotTrade is helping by offering a fractional sale targeting international markets and has just raised $15M to accelerate growth.
  • corsa: … is at the bottom of the newspaper to have a name that doesn’t rhyme. Sorry guys; I don’t make the rules. The company has raised $12 million to add multi-factor protection to API traffic to keep things neat.

First Quarter Cryptocurrency Losses Jumped 695% YOY After Massive Hacks

Image of a computer key grenade on a neon yellow background.

image credit: Peter Daisley (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Last year, the total value of cryptocurrencies reached almost $2.3 trillion, but as this number has grown, so has the interest of attackers in exploiting bugs, bad code, and social engineering hacks.

According to a report by Jacqueline Melinek, in the first quarter of 2022 alone, the Web3 ecosystem “lost” $1.23 billion due to exploits, which is almost eight times more than a year ago, and this figure is likely to grow.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Instacart makes tip removal difficultTipping: Tipping has been a constant problem with Instacart for years, so it’s good to see the grocery delivery giant doing something about it. Users now need to report a problem to receive a zero tip and Instacart will cover up to $10. This is a good start and we keep our comments about users for no reason.
  • twitter edit button fiasco: Today we have three times more news for you than Elon Musk/Twitter. First Amanda Silberling wonders why the edit button doesn’t do much, then joins Alex Wilhelm and Kyle Wiegers to discuss what Musk’s intentions might be to buy all that Twitter stock, and finally Wilhelm discusses Musk taking over on Twitter.
  • Flutterwave CEO in hot seat: A former employee accused Flutterwave CEO Olugabenga “GB” Agbula of alleged bullying after both parties failed to reach an agreement as part of a lawsuit. gaming-updates commented on these claims, and among the responses the company stated: “We confirm that at the time of termination, all funds owed to our former employee at that time were paid in a timely manner, and we have such records. do. However, we sincerely regret the circumstances that led to the dispute and wish for a more timely resolution.” Keep for updates.
  • Gogoro rides in the public marketA Taiwanese two-wheeler battery swap company closed its SPAC, expecting a cash profit of $335 million. It can replace many batteries. We report that “taking advantage of more favorable market conditions and better times, Gogoro has been able to discover the recipe needed to improve its battery scaling systems.” Now he should be caught on this side of the pond.

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