January 31, 2023

At her weekly press convention, Speaker Pelosi accused Kevin McCarthy of hypocrisy by way of suggesting that individuals be arrested for smuggling weapons into airports, as Rep. Madison Cawthorne did.

Pelosi speaker video:

Speaker Pelosi stated:

I used to be questioning what the chief stated about his fear, if that used to be certainly his phrases you must make a decision that he used to be excited by being a danger to his individuals. In addition they whinge that we’ve got magnetometers to stay weapons off the ground of the home. Now we see some of the individuals elevating their arms on the airport. I assumed you have been arrested for seeking to raise a weapon on a airplane. I believe their member used to be handled another way.


The folks want to make selections about how the Republicans in Congress are seeking to… dangle their individuals responsible. And they are able to’t say in a single breath that I am afraid they are going to endanger the opposite individuals whilst complaining that I’ve a magnetometer at the ground of the Chamber.

Speaker Pelosi used to be proper. Madison Cawthorne is beneath the unique keep an eye on of North Carolina legislation enforcement. Keithorn used to be arrested thrice for using with a suspended license. He has a couple of data of under the influence of alcohol using and has attempted two times to smuggle guns on an plane since 2021.

Somebody else with Chowrne’s monitor file would no longer handiest be arrested, however would almost definitely be in prison presently.

Kevin McCarthy is a hypocrite who claims to care about his individuals, complains about gun garage measures at the ground of the Space of Representatives, and has not anything to do with Madison Cawthorne.

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