May 25, 2022

and that day Give it to the books!

gaming-updates once again spent most of the day watching the parade of startups participating in the Y Combinator Winter 2022 Demo Day cohort. part twoYes, it’s a full mouth. But we have learned a lot.

You can find all of our content here, but the important thing is that the topics come from the YC environment. With many business models for the population, Southeast Asia is a huge target for startups. Fintech has once again become a huge category of work around the world.

There were no surprises either. Frankly, we expected more crypto (web3? blockchain?) companies to be in the mix. And while there were many API-focused startups, there were fewer of them than we might have imagined. However, we don’t know the exact method to monetize every software launch we promote, so we’re counting down.

As always, to round off the day, we’ve selected a few favorites from the day’s presentations. Each gaming-updates reporter has their own interests and topics, so the following does not mean that we endorse any particular company or announce winners. instead they Favorite, the company that caught our attention as the most interesting. Thanks to Devin Coldaway, Mary Ann Azevedo and Christine Hall for their contributions.

like you necessary On demo days, Equity will help you. And that’s where we can start!

Our Favorite Startups YC Winter 2022 Day 2

The following list is in no particular order. Companies’ websites and creators’ Twitter profiles are linked.

Christine Hall: slow order

  • description: DimOrder, a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2019, is developing a POS system for restaurants in Southeast Asia. Its technology allows people in the food industry to accept online payments, sell to customers, order food from vendors, and receive short-term loans.
  • Why is it a favorite: restaurant technologies are now very popular and looooott About funding this space. DimOrder generates $183,000 monthly recurring income and is growing at a rate of 13% per month. As the daughter of a former hotel chef, I watched my father write down orders in a notebook and call him. I think such arrangements would give him time to focus on other things.

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