June 4, 2023

Roronoa Zoro is among the primary characters in One piece who sails with Luffy, the protagonist of the tale, as some of the vital participants of his workforce. Zoro is a grasp swordsman and recently one of the most most powerful characters within the sequence.

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His objective is to turn out to be the best swordsman of his time, and to succeed in that, Zoro will have to succeed in exceptional ranges of energy. On his adventure around the seas, Zoro met a number of robust opponents who driven him past all his limits. Of the numerous he has fought, few have examined Zoro each bodily and mentally.

Word: This listing isn’t according to the power of Zoro’s fighters, however on how tough the battles have been for him when he fought them.


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11 Zoro vs Hatchan

Roronoa Zoro vs Hatchan One Piece

Zoro fought his battle towards Hatchan all through the Arlong Park arc One piece. Whilst Hatchan was once some distance from the most powerful he has ever confronted, on this battle Zoro suffered wounds from his conflict with Mihawk.

This nerf made this battle extremely tough for Zoro, making Hachi one of the most most powerful he has confronted in his adventure thus far. In any case, Zoro controlled to defeat him in spite of his accidents.

10 Zoro vs Ryuma

One Piece Zombie Ryuma vs Zoro

Zoro met Ryuma all through the Mystery Bark arc One piece. To reclaim Brook’s shadow, Zoro challenged the samurai zombie to a battle that ended slightly briefly because of the unbelievable depth he displayed.

This battle ended with Zoro slicing Ryuma with Hiryu Kaen, incomes his recognize within the procedure. As a praise, he additionally were given the sword Shusui.

9 Zoro vs Kaku

Kaku fights Zoro 1071

Kaku was once a member of the CP9 who performed the function of Zoro’s primary antagonist within the Enies foyer arc. Together with his newly obtained powers of Ushi Ushi no Mi, Style: Giraffe, Kaku posed relatively a problem for Zoro.

In truth, even at his absolute best, Zoro struggled relatively just a little towards Kaku. Zoro struggled so much together with his distinctive assaults and Rokushiki talents. This struggle required him to evoke and harness the powers of Asura and stage up all through struggle to defeat his opponent. Regardless of the whole thing, Zoro nonetheless had sufficient power to proceed combating.

eighth Zoro vs Kuina

Kuina and Zoro

Kuina is by means of some distance the weakest individual in this listing that Zoro has fought, and that is the reason because of the truth that she was once a child once they clashed. On the other hand, at this level, she was once the most powerful individual he had long past into struggle towards. Kuina fought Zoro in 2001 occasions and defeated him every time with awesome sword combating talents.

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Whilst 2000 of those fights have been fought with out a sharp blade, the final one was once fought with actual blades and she or he ended up profitable once more. She is one in all his hardest fighters, which is obvious from the truth that he has now not been ready to defeat her as soon as.

7 Zoro vs. Pacifist

Straw Hat Pirates versus Pacifista

At the Sabaody Archipelago, Roronoa Zoro and the Straw Hat Pirates confronted a pacifist. This battle was once extremely tricky for the Straw Hat Pirates and now not even the Monster Trio may conquer it.

In any case, it took the mixed effort of all the pirate workforce to subdue this pacifista. Zoro fought it relatively exhausting on his personal or even these days that is one in all his hardest fights.

6 Zoro vs Mr. 1

Zoro vs Daz Bones One Piece

Zoro’s battle towards Mr. 1 was once extremely brutal for him as he gained a fact take a look at on how some distance he was once from his objective of turning into the sector’s largest swordsman. Mr. 1 had a frame fabricated from metal due to his Supa Supa no Mi.

At the moment, Zoro did not know the way to chop metal, so he suffered badly on this battle. In truth, whilst combating him, Zoro was once in a state with regards to loss of life. In any case, he needed to evolve in struggle and learn how to minimize metal to surpass Mr. 1’s combating prowess.

5 Zoro vs Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma with a serious look

Zoro confronted off towards the warlord of the seas, Bartholomew Kuma, all through the Mystery Bark arc One piece. In a while after the autumn of Gecko Moria, Kuma confirmed as much as kill Luffy and take his head to the sector executive. Earlier than he may do this, on the other hand, he determined to exterminate all the workforce, beginning with Zoro.

Zoro permitted the problem head-on, and the 2 engaged in a short-lived battle through which Zoro right away discovered he was once no fit for the Shichibukai. In any case, Zoro introduced his head as an alternative of Luffy, incomes Kuma’s recognize. Regardless of the whole thing, he lived, however was once commanded to bear all of Luffy’s ache.

4 Zoro vs King

Zoro vs King

Zoro fought the Wildfire King in Wano in a while after discovering himself in a life-or-death struggle towards two Emperors of the Sea. After taking a mink drug that restored him to complete well being for a quick time period, Zoro engaged King in a battle that he suffered more often than not.

After being badly injured, Zoro mastered Enma and realized to channel the Conqueror’s Haki. Due to this skill, he advanced a brand new combating taste known as King Of Hell: 3 Sword Taste. Sooner or later, Zoro defeated King the usage of his newfound talents.

3 Zoro vs Enel

Zoro fights Enel

Within the Skypiea arc, Zoro ended up combating Enel in spite of now not being robust sufficient to tackle and battle him. As anticipated, the battle was once brief lived and he misplaced that battle inside of mins.

Enel’s lightning powers have been sufficient to impress Zoro, knocking him totally subconscious. Even with the assistance of the opposite opponents round him, Zoro stood completely no probability and was once defeated.

2 Zoro vs Mihawk

Mihawk injures Zoro

Arguably one of the most hardest fights Zoro has ever been in is towards Dracule Mihawk, the person who recently holds the name of Global’s Most powerful Swordsman. Zoro challenged him all through the Baratie arc and came upon the ability hole between him and the sector’s most powerful swordsman.

In any case, he admitted defeat and gained a scar operating down his chest as a mark of recognize from Mihawk. Undeterred, Zoro vowed by no means to lose once more.

1 Zoro and the Worst Technology vs. Kaido and Giant Mother

Zoro cuts up Kaido

Obviously, probably the most tough struggle Zoro has been in up to now is the only he fought towards two Emperors of the Sea on Onigashima within the New Global. Each Giant Mother and Kaido made lifestyles depressing for the worst technology at the rooftop of Onigashima, and Zoro, who ended up dropping that battle, was once nonetheless massively spectacular right here.

Zoro in the end held Hakai, a formidable Haki shot from the 2 Emperors, for a second ahead of being teleported by means of Regulation. This assault shattered numerous bones in his frame and but he was once ready to battle or even left a scar on Kaido. Sadly, Kaido knocked him out with a formidable Thunder Bagua in a while after. With out the medical doctors round him, Zoro would have indubitably died. Nonetheless, he realized so much from this battle and after being cured with a formidable mink drug, he persisted to battle King the Wildfire.

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