May 26, 2022

Say what you’ll do – no one knows how to tease a teaser. In defense of the hardware launch, the company noted that this morning’s event will show a “roadmap” that specifically refers to another device that will appear in its lineup, without providing further product details. However, the company has confirmed the much-debated arrival of its second hardware offering, the Nothing phone (1).

We confirmed the existence of the device earlier this month, noting that founder Carl Pei held meetings with senior executives at Mobile World Congress, where he showed off an earpiece version of the device with a transparent design. (1) Headphones.

Today, the company provided some additional details, saying that the product will be equipped with a Snapdragon chip – not surprising, since Qualcomm is one of the proponents of nothing. Like OnePlus, another PE-founded company, the device will have its own customized version of Android, Nothing OS, which they say is “built on an open and seamless ecosystem that seamlessly integrates Nothing and Other World products.” Connect and integrate leading brands. ,

The ecosystem has always been at the center of the game of nothing, so it will be interesting to see what this integration looks like. There is no doubt that the company envisions the phone as the centerpiece of this system, just as Apple, Samsung and other companies envision their mobile-centric solar systems. Nothing says that a preview version of the operating system will be offered next month.

image credit: Nothing

The software is similar to what OnePlus has to offer with OxygenOS – without adding a lot of extra Android software. Aesthetically, this would be in line with the company’s “analogue” design language. The company is trying to follow the path of Apple by developing the OS layer along with the hardware (albeit on top of Android). The headphones will be supported immediately, and Pei says the company is working on supporting third-party products, including AirPods and cars like Tesla.

Nothing promises three years of operating system updates as well as four years of phone security updates.

Accordingly, it will follow the pattern set by Ear(1) and reveal more details about future phones in the coming months.

Along with the phone news, the company also announced that it was returning to Source with additional crowdfunding capital after a $70 million Series B two weeks ago. This time he is seeking $10 million at the same valuation as the VC-backed round. It now opens pre-registration and officially opens trading on April 5th. It has been a win-win strategy for the company as it aims to encourage community participation by giving fans a financial stake in its success.

The tool comes at a difficult but encouraging time for mobile startups. Fifteen years after the release of the first iPhone, interest in the phone faded. However, sales stalled and declined until the pandemic – later, along with supply chain restrictions and chip shortages – only exacerbated these trends. Once-big players like LG and HTC have either left the industry altogether or have largely retreated.

Nothing compares to the small movement of new mobile startups, including the privacy-focused OSOM, that emerged from the failure of Essentials. Pei and Nothing, by the way, bought the Essential IP, although the company ultimately did nothing with the title.

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