May 25, 2022

you just Know Your battery will die at the most inopportune moment, right after you perfect your damn skateboard tricks, bro. The new GoPro HERO10 Black Creator Edition camera (which they call such things, heck) features directional audio, 5.3K video, an LED light source, and a powered Volta Grip grip.

It’s absurd to think of 2006, when the first Hero came out with 35mm film preloaded and priced at $22. Hero 10 is actually a very different beast. It costs two hands and a few feet – it will set you back a dazzling $784.95 (or an equally enticing $531.95 price tag if you also sign up for a yearly GoPro subscription).

The camera also has some neat software tricks, including award-winning HyperSmooth digital video stabilization and the ability to record slow motion video at 1/8 speed.

“Hero 10 Creators Edition is like having Hollywood in your hands. This is the ideal setup for recording professional-quality video while vlogging, filming or livestreaming,” said Nicholas Woodman, CEO and Founder of GoPro. “Forget extra batteries and hardware, all you need is the Producer Edition and you can create cinematic magic all day long. You have to recharge and refuel before you even think about charging your GoPro.”

The Volta Battery Grip houses an additional 4900mAh battery, and when combined with the camera’s built-in battery, it can last up to four hours of 4K shooting at 30fps. Shooting at a lower resolution further extends battery life. smart girl, the pen has legs; Unfold them and you have a tripod for time-lapse and/or time-lapse photography.

Volta HERO9 Black is also compatible and charges any USB-C compatible device including GoPro MAX and older GoPro cameras. If you are a GoPro subscriber or $129.99. you can buy it separately for $99.99 Without contribution.

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