May 23, 2022

I noticed that lately I have been writing a lot about agricultural technology. Maybe it’s because spring officially turns the weekend into spring, or maybe it’s the weird looming environmental collapse that’s often a top priority. However, I mostly complained about the general lack of support among robotics in this category, so I’m always happy to see a new contender emerge.

Many of these things are probably also a priority as the World Agritech Summit is currently taking place in San Francisco. At today’s event, Gromark and Solinftech announced a partnership to bring an unnamed agricultural technology robot to market. The product will be tested before the end of the year and the companies plan/hope to launch it sometime in 2023.

The robot works similarly to several products we’ve seen target a potentially larger market, including the recently added Verdent and several startups that John Deere continues to buy. It efficiently navigates the field autonomously, scanning for things like plant health and nutrition, as well as potential problem areas like pets and weeds. This information is collected and sent to the farmer for action.

“We are launching our robots directly into the fields for practical applications,” Daniel Padrao, COO of Solinftech, said in a press release. “This cutting-edge technology will help develop agricultural solutions and support sustainable farming practices. We are honored to have a visionary partner like Gromark to continue this early launch as we continue to work together to support farmers to seize opportunities in agriculture. ,

As for the base level functionality, I think it makes sense. Attempting to micromonitor large tracts of land is extremely difficult, and this often means waiting for problem areas to turn into real problems before they are properly addressed. From robots to drones to satellite imagery, there are many different angles to see here. Companies are also competing with robotics that monitor crops while performing other tasks, whether it’s weeding, harvesting or ploughing.

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