May 25, 2022

The ultimate learning experience for beginners and newly created founders, also known as the gaming-updates Early Stage, begins April 14th in San Francisco. We can’t wait to see you in person, but you won’t have to wait a second to take advantage of Summit’s many features.

Starting today, you can stay ahead of the curve by unlocking CrunchMatch. Our AI-powered platform helps you find and schedule meetings with people who can bring your startup dream closer to reality.

How can I get access? Buy your TC Early Ticket now for the low early bird price of $249 to start connecting with the Founding Founders with Crunchmatch – regular price is $449.

We expect over 1000 participants in the early stages of TC and it’s easy to get to know people, but it’s even better to connect with people who fit your goals and grow your business. CrunchMatch provides a fast and efficient way to find those proverbial needles in a haystack.

You’ll save time and—now that we’re back to the real thing—shoe leather. Who is on the list of your dream network – other founders, mentors, marketing experts, venture capitalists, branding brahmins, crowdfunding kings, savvy entrepreneurs? CrunchMatch helps you connect and schedule your most important meetings. It’s fast, efficient and painless.

Don’t take our word for it. Felicia Jackson, the inventor and founder of CPRWrap, told us about using CrunchMatch:

The CrunchMatch networking platform is a smart and useful tool. This allows you to see who is there, find the right people, and make appointments. I scheduled five or six meetings a day. The meetings were short, intimate and very informative.

The gaming-updates 2022 Preliminary Phase will take place on April 14 and the Crunchmatch platform is officially open for trading. Don’t have a ticket yet? Buy it now and you will indeed have many weeks of time to set up and review your meeting invitations before stepping into our seat at Pier 27.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or participating in exhibitions in early 2022? For sponsorship, please contact our sales team: fill out this formI

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