May 25, 2022

Streaming service Netflix is ​​once again expanding its game lineup with two more games that launched on Tuesday. The new games are called “Shatter Remastered” and “This Is a True Story”. Two new games are now available for iOS and Android users. Netflix also teased its first upcoming first-person shooter called Into the Dead 2: Unleashed.

The first new game, Shatter Remastered, is a retro brick-breaking game from New Zealand developer PikPok. The game is an updated version of Shatter, a game from New Zealand developer Sidhe originally released for the PlayStation 3 in 2009. The revised, mobile-optimized version includes global leaderboards allowing users to track their highest scores against other players around the world.

image credit: Netflix

The second title, It’s a True Story, is a game designed to raise awareness of the lack of safe drinking water in some parts of the world. The game was developed by Frosty Pop in partnership with Charity: Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. The game tells the true story of a sub-Saharan African woman who struggles daily to collect water for her family. Based on real interviews and experiences, it allows players to explore a hand-drawn landscape, survive a storm, catch predators, befriend a goat, and more.

As for Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, Netflix hasn’t specified when exactly the game will release, but says it’s “soon.” Like “Shatter Remastered”, the title was developed by PicPok. This game is a sequel to the zombie action game Into the Dead. In the game, players must avoid zombie threats while traversing treacherous terrain. The game has multiple chapters, stages, and challenges where players can unlock weapons, firearms, explosives, and more.

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image credit: Netflix

As with other Netflix games, users are redirected to new titles through the company’s iOS and Android apps. On Android, users can find games in several places, including a dedicated gaming tab in the app’s main navigation. On iOS, games are listed on a special line. The game is hosted not on the Netflix infrastructure, but on the platform’s respective app store, but only Netflix users can play it. Once installed, the game will prompt users to authenticate with their Netflix account details to get started.

Netflix has been growing its gaming service since late last year, when the company introduced its first lineup, which included several Stranger Things themed games and other casual games.

Netflix has released several other games since then, including Arcaneum: Rise of Akhan, Asphalt Extreme, Bowling Ballers, Card Blast, Domino’s Cafe, Dungeon Dwarves, HexTech Mayhem: A League”. stories of legends. ‘, ‘Niteness’, ‘Crispy Street’, ‘Shooting Hoops’, ‘Teeter (Up)’ and ‘Wonderput Forever’.

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