May 25, 2022

Facebook is adding role-playing capabilities from third-party apps, parent company Meta announced Tuesday. The company is introducing a “Sharing to Reels” integration that will help developers make it easier for people to share videos on Facebook right from their apps.

John McCarthy, director of product management at Meta, said: “After the integration, third-party apps will have a movie button so people can share short videos and then convert them into movie editing tools like audio, text, effects, captions, and stickers. able to adapt.” blog post. “Instead of uploading and then uploading their video content, they can now create videos and share them with the click of a button.”

Meta stressed that as part of the launch, several of its partners, including Smule, Vita and VivaVideo, have already integrated a Share on Reels button into their apps. Developers interested in integrating buttons into their applications can learn more about it at the Meta developers website.

The company says the new feature will help people reach new audiences on Facebook and use the Share in Stories feature, which allows developers to share content with their users directly from third-party apps in Facebook Stories.

image credit: meta

Today’s announcement comes after Facebook recently released videos around the world following their US public launch last September. In addition to the global rollout, Facebook has also introduced additional creative tools and new ways for creators to monetize their roles through ads and, soon, stars.

While Reels first started with a feature in the Instagram app as a way to directly combat TikTok, Meta moved them to Facebook soon after as well. During its fourth quarter 2021 earnings report, the company praised that reel is the fastest growing content format ever. The company also said that Reels is the biggest contributor to growth on Instagram and is “growing very fast” on Facebook.

Reel is one of the largest product investments in Meta and has publicly discussed the dangers of TikTok. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg called TikTok a major competitor that is “growing very fast from a very large base.” It’s clear that Meta sees the new integration with third-party apps as a way to increase the popularity and reach of Facebook videos as it continues to compete with TikTok.

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