May 26, 2022

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta is introducing a number of new features and shortcuts to its Messenger app. Specifically, the company is adding a new Slack-like “@everyone” feature that will notify all chat participants of a new message. Meta notes that the new feature is perfect for group reminders, meetings, or when you have urgent questions and need quick answers.

On the other hand, the company is also releasing the “/silent” feature. When you type “/silent” before sending a message to a group chat, group members will not be notified of your message at all. Meta says the feature removes the fear of interrupting someone who is in a different time zone and allows users to read messages in their spare time.

These two new features are available from today. The meta has also pointed out some shortcuts coming up in the coming weeks.

The company plans to launch a new “/pay” shortcut in the US that will make it easier to send and receive money in Messenger private chats. This shortcut is being rolled out for both iOS and Android users. Meta is also going to introduce a “/GIF” shortcut that will allow users to quickly find and send GIFs. This feature is only available for iOS users. iOS users also have access to “/shrug” and “/tableflip” keyboard shortcuts that automatically print _(ツ)_/¯ and (╯°□°)╯︵) emojis respectively.

image credit: meta

The launch of the new features comes after Messenger recently rolled out the Separate Payments feature to all iOS and Android users in the United States. The company began testing this feature late last year to allow users to share bills and expenses through the app. Meta sees the new feature as a “free and fast” way to handle money matters through Messenger.

Separate Payments was introduced along with news that Messenger is launching new voice message recording controls that allow users to pause, view, delete, or continue recording a voice message before sending it. The company also increased the length of voice messages from one minute to 30 minutes.

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