June 4, 2023

Pokemon GO options more than one in-game components to deeply interact avid gamers within the gameplay. From far flung raid alternatives to in-person occasions, the sport has one thing a laugh for everybody. Regardless of the consistent insects and problems avid gamers face, the sport nonetheless options more than one in-game occasions. A type of occasions is Mega Raids, and Mega Altaria has returned to the platform as a raid boss.

Mega Altaria is a Dragon and Fairy-type monster with tough powers Pokemon GO Statistics. Hailing from the Hoenn area (Gen 3), the mega monster is understood to have each assault and protection skills. There could also be a possibility of encountering a sparkly Mega Altaria throughout the Mega Raid. Mega Raids are uncommon and require sturdy counters and approach to win. Right here you’ll to find all details about the present raid.

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Pokemon GO: Mega Altaria Raid Hours, Weaknesses, and Resistances

Pokemon GO Mega Altaria All Weaknesses and Resistances

The Mega Altaria Raid starts on Would possibly 25 at 10:00 native time and ends on June 1 at 10:00 native time. Gamers can attempt to defeat the dual-type Mega Altaria inside the time span of the Pokemon GO Mega Raid. Then again, it is nearly not possible for a solo instructor to grasp the Mega Raid, so more than one avid gamers with the proper meta wisdom will want to workforce as much as grasp it.

Mega Altaria’s typing makes it susceptible to more than one forms of assaults Pokemon GO. The Mega Monster displays weak spot when subjected to Fairy, Ice, Poison, and Metal-type assaults. The usage of those strikes will lead to further harm to the Mega Raid Boss.

Whilst the Mega Pokémon is handiest vulnerable to 4 forms of assaults, it may well resist nearly double the choice of assaults. Mega Altaria’s dual-typing weakens it in opposition to Trojan horse, Darkish, Water, Electrical, Preventing, Fireplace, Grass, and Dragon-type assaults Pokemon GO. Running shoes must take care to steer clear of those strikes whilst combating the Mega Raid Boss.

To overcome the Mega Raid, Pokemon GO Running shoes must additionally imagine the Identical Form of Assault Bonus (STAB) impact. The STAB impact comes into play when a Pokémon’s Characteristic and Assault sorts are the similar. Professional avid gamers continuously use the STAB purposes to deal further harm.

Pokemon GO: The Highest Mega Altaria Raid Counters

Pokemon GO Shiny Mega Altaria Encounter

Even supposing Mega-Pokemon are tough and very tough to defeat, you’ll use their kind weaknesses to win in opposition to them. Mega Altaria is vulnerable to a lot of species Pokemon GO, and one will have to make a selection counters that fit them. Listed below are all the counters that carry out best possible in opposition to Mega Altaria.


Rapid motion

assault motion

meta gross

bullet hit

Meteor Mash


steel claw

play wild


Poison Strike

dust bomb

Same old Galarian Darmitan

ice teeth



metal wings



steel claw


Hero Zacian

steel claw

play wild



Dazzling shine


steel claw




Double Iron Strike


Poison Strike

dust bomb

Pokemon GO Gamers must additionally use the Climate Spice up impact whilst taking part within the Mega Raid. Climate prerequisites play a an important function in a monster’s efficiency. The ability of Mega Altari is higher by way of windy and cloudy climate, so individuals will have to skip raid places with such climate prerequisites.

Something to notice is that Glossy Mega Altaria may also be encountered throughout Mega Raid hours. Then again, since Glossy Mega Altaria is an unique catch, it can’t be encountered within the wild. Gamers can handiest stumble upon the Glossy Pokémon after finishing the Mega Raid. However even after defeating the boss, there’s no telling whether or not the individuals will face a Glossy variant or every other monster. Most raid participation is needed to achieve the glossy price. Gamers will have to fill up on Raid Passes and Pokeballs to make sure a sparkly stumble upon.

Pokemon GO is to be had for Android and iOS.

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