May 23, 2022

From the company that gave you Flippy, the robotic arm for making hamburgers, comes Chippy, which does the same for tortilla chips. Miso Robotics today announced a collaboration with fast-growing Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle to develop a system for frying and frying fries. Year.

A new robotic/AI system is being tested at the Cultivate Center Nutrition Lab in Orange County. The company hopes to start testing a restaurant in Southern California later this year. Like Flippy, which launched before it, Chippy will use the manufacturer’s trial period to determine what works and what doesn’t for both employees and customers.

In addition to dipping the basket in hot oil, the system is also designed to season chips with salt and lime juice. Chipotle says a little chaos is the key to bringing humanity back to the system.

“Everyone likes chips with a little salt or lime,” said Neville Panthaki, Chipotle’s vice president of culinary arts. “To make sure we don’t lose sight of the humanity behind our culinary experience, we have carefully trained Chippies to ensure the result is a reflection of our current product with subtle flavor variations our guests can enjoy. “

Chippy joins Flippy and Miso’s soda machine, Sippy. Can Tippy, the maintenance robot, or Trippy, the weed watcher robot, be far behind?

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