May 26, 2022

Who’s ready for gaming-updates-style startups? April 14 – less than a month left – A bale of vanity at an early stage The start of the afternoon summit is all about new founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn the core skills every aspiring founder should have from successful founders, seasoned venture capitalists, and subject matter experts.

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A whole day full of shows awaits you – take a look work schedule. But I would like to pay attention to thematic round tables. Why? These smaller gatherings are also led by experts, TC staff or other members. They give founders the opportunity to delve deeper into an issue and engage in meaningful conversations that can lead to interesting ideas and opportunities.

We have some great ones on tap. look at yourself:

  • How early-stage founders can protect themselves from future market volatility

  • technical selection; What should aspiring founders and entrepreneurs keep in mind?

  • how to create your own presentation

  • How to find the perfect co-founder

  • why you shouldn’t be a unicorn

  • even more!

2022 gaming-updates Preliminary April 14 and A great day of education, connections and opportunities awaits you. buy a pass today And save $200 before the early bird tickets sell out. We can’t wait to see you!

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