May 28, 2022

Just a week after the big Apple event, the company released the latest versions of three operating systems: iOS/iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3. For those not participating in the beta, this means a host of key features, including Face ID with mask unlock and universal controls that provide even tighter integration between iPad and Mac.

Operating systems predate the new iPhone SE and Mac Studio, one of which we just reviewed. Removing the entire mask has been a huge problem for the last two, well, two years or so. Apple has offered a nice stopgap in the form of unlocking with the Apple Watch, but this new version makes things more accessible to more users (although, again, you can always stick with the SE with a thumbs up).

I’ve been using the beta for a few weeks now and am happy with the results. It works well with the mask and goggles, which was nice on the first real visits since this all started. Of course, I have to deal with this when my glasses fog up, but I don’t know, it’s probably Honeywell and Warby Parker’s fault, not anyone else. Gather up guys. The OS will guide you through setting up the subscription feature, warning you that everything is definitely safe when you rely on the full face.

image credit: an Apple

Also new on the phone is the Tap to Pay feature, which disables the reseller’s card reader to allow iPhone users to accept payments via the NFC chip. It also comes with a few new emojis – 37 in total. A melting face and another peeping face are involved, which may not have given the name to last week’s “peak performance” event, but really, who can say more for sure?

Other important news concerns iPadOS/MacOS. Apple doesn’t market it as a stroller killer, but there’s no doubt that it will play that role for many users. This feature allows you to sync keyboards, trackpads, and mice between your Mac and iPad. This means you can easily drag and drop files between your device and operating system using the more intuitive version of AirDrop.

Both operating systems should now be available for download on your compatible device.

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