December 5, 2022

Rape. Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced (R-GA) held a press convention and demanded that her Twitter account be returned to her so she may elevate cash for her prison protection.

Video Inexperienced:

After some loose speech bullshit, Inexperienced reveals the actual explanation why she desires her account again: “I need my Twitter account again. There may be a distinction between Congress’ Twitter account and my non-public account. For all folks right here on my Congressional Twitter account, we aren’t allowed to speak about our campaigns or ask for cash, like protecting ourselves in courtroom towards political assaults and the like.

Inexperienced’s prison protection handiest touched at the want for investment, whilst he used to be in peril of being hit via the poll. It used to be only a random instance that got here to his thoughts.

Rep. Inexperienced is aware of he is in giant bother with the legislation and wishes money, and there is not any higher Republican ATM than a couple of inflammatory tweets to get a flood of donations.

Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced and different Republicans do not care about loose speech. For them, Twitter is a fundraiser.

As his prison expenses piled up, Inexperienced spoke the quiet section aloud.

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