November 23, 2022

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced (R-GA) stated Christian nationalism, a perilous non secular ideology, may just save you college shootings and referred to as Democrats home terrorists.

Inexperienced’s video from Proper Wing Watch:

Greene stated, “If Christian nationalism is to be feared, they’re mendacity to you and they’re mendacity to you on goal, as a result of that is the type of temperature trade that is going down in The usa these days and they are able to’t keep an eye on it… They may be able to’t keep an eye on it and it scares them.” maximum”.

Inexperienced argued that Christian nationalism would save you college shootings, crime, finish sexual immorality, and repay debt.

Inexperienced’s spokesman stated the media is mendacity and calling Christian Nationalists inside terrorists, including, “I’ll inform you at this time that they’re liars and if there’s an inside terrorist, it is the Radical Left. One may just even say that Democrats are home terrorists.”

Newest MSNBC Articles Christian nationalism is described as repressive far-right conservatism wrapped in Scripture.

What Inexperienced was once speaking about was once theocracy. Christian nationalism won’t prevent mass shootings. It is a racist and extremist ideology this is opposite to democracy and person freedom.

At the left are those that assume Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced is an fool, however she could also be an excessively unhealthy one who desires to wreck democracy in the USA.

Inexperienced supported the inner terrorists 1/6. Marjorie Taylor was once inexperienced Charged with complicity in Trump’s coup. And he poses a danger to the rustic.

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