May 26, 2022

LiveBlox raised a $5 million seed round. With Launch, you can turn an ordinary web application into a multi-user product with a high-end hosted API. In addition to the Live Presence Status API, the company is also launching a Live Storage API.

Boldstart ahead in today’s era. Atlassian, Kima Ventures, Seedcamp and several angel investors also attended. Boldstart and Seedcamp have already invested in a preliminary round of the company.

In recent years, it has become easier to create web applications thanks to frameworks and APIs. But it’s still incredibly difficult to get multiple people to interact with the same document, form, board, or piece of content.

LiveBlocks essentially help you get there faster. The startup has released the Live Presence Status API for the first time. When you open a document in Google Docs, you will see several profile pictures in the top right corner. This tells you who is currently viewing the document. And you can see if someone else is moving the cursor or highlighting the text.

When you integrate the Liveblocks Presence API, you can use the API to display a list of people who are currently viewing a document, similar to Google Docs. It can also track someone’s cursor in real time.

While this is somewhat useful, the startup is working on a different API that offers a lot of possibilities. The Live Storage API allows multiple people to view and edit data at the same time. It can be used to create collaborative whiteboards, note-taking apps, multi-user CMS, and more.

The hardest part of real-time data collaboration is conflict resolution. LiveBlocks aims to minimize offline support issues as well as undo and redo multiplayer. If you are using a library like ZooStand or Redux, you can integrate LiveBlocks so that multiple users can interact with the data at the same time.

Over the past three months, the total number of connections to rooms on LiveBlock has increased 10 times. And that number should grow rapidly as remote work products and software as a service become more popular.

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