May 26, 2022

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of people became IDPs (internally displaced persons) or refugees who fled to border countries. Smartphones played a very important role during this period.

Not only has the world been given a glimpse of the horrific events taking place in the country through images from smartphones, modern smartphones are a high-tech communication and location tool that allows IDPs and refugees to communicate through messaging apps. for and social networks. So important that extensions are now being installed at train stations in Ukraine and beyond, and displaced Ukrainians are planning their next move.

Two million Ukrainian refugees flooded the borders of Europe, and more are expected. Keeping your phone on will provide a lifeline for vulnerable people.

But how crazy would it be to walk up to security and let your phone run out of power at a critical moment?

Now B-corp-owned British cleantech startup Lifesaver plans to send thousands of loading banks to Ukraine and its borders. But the key difference is that these power packs are pre-charged, meaning they can be used right away.

rescue power bank

rescue power bank

The initiative is a collaborative effort between Lifesaver and Techfugees, a non-profit industry organization dedicated to helping refugees around the world.

Since March 5, Lifesaver has shipped over 2,000 fully charged batteries (with built-in cables) directly to major cities in Ukraine, including Poland and Lvov.

He will now send even more through the donation page. For every £7+VAT donated, a Lifesaver Power Bank will be sent directly to a refugee in Ukraine.

In addition, it will match the sales and rentals of each powerbank at the O2 and Cheltenham Festival to continue to support donation of its powerbanks at cost.

“I personally was in tears when I saw how many human lives were destroyed overnight by the war in Ukraine. …businesses have an obligation to use their resources for social welfare and I hope we all continue to work together and help those who need it most,” said Archie Wilkinson, CEO of Lifesaver Power.

Launched during the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis, Techfugees supports the deployment of responsible technology products and services to displaced people around the world and the participation of technology industry volunteers in refugee NGOs.

Techfugees will deploy its network of volunteers and NGO partners to reach key distribution points at all of the country’s border crossings with Ukraine.

[Disclosure: Techfugees was founded by Mike Butcher, a journalist with gaming-updates.]

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