March 22, 2023

Gin, or as Sienna calls him, Djinn, is a Chained Echoes Boss in Leviathan’s Ditch. Gamers come across this magical airy sort throughout the Kindreld Monastery quest. They usually should defeat him to get out of the cave. However with 5000 HP and the power to rotate parts, Gin Djinn is a difficult opponent for newcomers Chained Echoes Gamers until they use this to hand information.

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Learn how to defeat Djinn?

Image explaining how to defeat Ginn Djinn in Chained Echoes.

Gin has the power to shift its parts. to hit him Assault together with his opponent’s component, for which he’s susceptible. Use water to counteract his fireplace, wind for his water, earth for his wind, and fireplace for his earth.


Listed here are the most efficient pieces to make use of for each and every of Gin’s weaknesses.

Gin vulnerability





water bomb


oil lamp


Silph’s fan

Section #1: Center of attention on Water-type assaults.

The Gin boss struggle begins off with him attacking with fireplace strikes, which means water is his first weak spot. A excellent technique is to force him with Lenne’s Water Thrust and inflict it with Silph’s Fan Merchandise “Dry”.

Section #2: Use Wind-type Magic Moves.

After defeating its component of fireplace, Gin adjustments it to water, which gamers will have to counter with wind. Victor’s Power Level and Lenne’s Gust are the most efficient abilities for this section. Intensity price may be an invaluable merchandise because it will increase susceptibility to wind.

Section #3: Earthmoving Assault.

All through the 3rd section, Gin adjustments its component to Wind, which is susceptible in comparison to Earth. Take advantage of Victor’s Earth Drum and Lenne’s Terra to transparent this level quicker. (Use Earth’s vulnerability merchandise, Bolas, for extra injury.)

Section #4: Use Fireplace talents and take him out with an Extremely.

When Gin Djinn adjustments his parts to Earth, continue with Fireplace-type assaults. A combo of Oil Lamb adopted by way of Glenn’s Oil Slash and Lenne’s Fireplace Thrust is perfect because it offers essentially the most DPS. However do not hesitate to make use of Glenn’s Extremely Transfer on him. It drains Gin’s HP in no time.

By way of the way in which, defeating Gin Djinn rewards gamers with 5 VP and a Grimoire Shard.

What are the most efficient strikes for Gin Djinn Boss Combat?

Debuff strikes like Glenn’s Armor Smash, Kylian’s Leg Purpose, and Robb’s Poison are very good early level abilities. However extra competitive strikes like Lenne’s fireplace or water blast and Glenn’s energy swing are wiser alternatives against the tip.

Previous-school JRPG enthusiasts will have to word that Gin Djinn has superb HP. And it takes about 70 elementary strikes to overcome him. So as to take him down quicker, they wish to take advantage of essential, combo, and weak spot assaults.

A professional transfer is to make use of pieces that building up your susceptible spots. For instance, Silph’s Fan inflicts Dry, which will increase Gin’s Water DPS. But when he turns out invincible, discover ways to use SP and improve number one guns prior to a rematch.

Chained Echoes is now to be had for Xbox, PlayStation, Transfer and PC.

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