May 25, 2022

Roku today unveiled the latest version of its TV streaming software, Roku OS 11, this time an update aimed at adding more personalization to the Roku platform, in addition to the specific usability and performance improvements included in these releases. One of the major new features of the latest version of the OS is the launch of Roku Photo Streams, which allows users to create personalized screensavers with their photos and even share photos with other users’ TVs. Roku will also be adding a new home screen destination that offers personalized suggestions for watching movies and TV shows on its streaming channels.

In addition, the update includes automatic speech softening, new voice modes, and an updated mobile app.

The Roku Photo Streams screensaver feature is one of the highlights of this update. To use this option, users upload images to their Roku device via desktop computer or mobile phone, turning their TV into a digital photo album of sorts. But what makes this feature interesting is that users can upload their streams and share them with other Roku users, so your photos can also be displayed on their devices. When this stream is shared, friends and family members can add their photos to the shared album. This makes Photostream easy to collaborate and stay connected from a distance.

Another notable addition from this update is the launch of What to See, another Roku-based destination on the main menu. In this case, Roku uses the data to suggest which movies and shows you might like, based on the streaming channels that users interact with the most. These recommendations also take into account trending and trending content and headlines that have been added recently, Roku says. As the streaming environment becomes more competitive, it becomes more difficult to keep track of what content is available and from where, so it would be desirable to have a central location to keep track of popular games.

In addition, the newly added Roku “Live TV” zone on the main menu now includes your recently watched live content, in addition to free live and linear content from Roku channels and live TV services like Hulu, fuboTV. , in addition to Sling links and . youtube tv.

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Roku OS 11 also includes several audio enhancements, including a new automatic speech clarity adjustment that aims to solve the persistent problem of speech in movies by dynamically detecting and amplifying dialogue.

Roku is also adding new sound modes: Standard, Dialogue, Cinema, Music, and Night, which are designed for different listening options. Each can be selected by pressing the star button* on the Roku remote or via the Roku mobile app. And Roku is expanding audio/video sync across supported players and audio devices with a tool in the mobile app that syncs audio to on-screen content. The feature works when a player or streaming pad is connected to the mobile app, Roku notes.

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The Roku Voice compatible keyboard, which can be useful for accessibility, has been expanded to Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

While the Roku OS 11 update is for streaming players and Roku TVs, the company’s Roku mobile app will be updated as part of this launch. The app update includes mostly cosmetic improvements, including new visuals showing where to watch movies and TV shows, as well as indicating which channels are free and which require a subscription. Also now there are visual images of the cast and crew to help you choose what to watch.

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Updates for Roku will not be immediately available to all users on launch day. Instead, the updates will gradually roll out to devices over the next few weeks, starting with Roku players and then Roku TVs.

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