May 25, 2022

Launching SaaS in the later stages New data shows that technology companies may have the most trouble when it comes to valuation changes.

Silicon Valley Bank’s (SVB) Q1 Software Launch Trends Report shows late-stage SaaS valuations in the United States grew fastest in 2021, the year with the highest revenue multiples in a comparable series.

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Rapid inflation in software stock prices following the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic and late-stage startups through much of 2021 has been known to provide rocket fuel for valuations. But it’s becoming increasingly clear how much damage SaaS startups can cause in the later stages.

Keep in mind that the market is already seeing a rise in layoffs and some unicorns are looking to overvalue their capital to retain employees.

Is it ironic that the startups that have grown the most have the most growth? New. This is the reason. Let’s talk why.

How are you?

We’re at the top of Q1 venture capital data, which means it’s time to look at 2021 results, both live and preliminary.

But below the timeline, see how SVB explains how to increase the revenue multiplier for two subsets of the US SaaS market: business applications (light color) and enterprise infrastructure (dark color):

image credit: Bank of Silicon Valley. Used with permission.

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