May 25, 2022

Web developers have hundreds of tasks to perform, and they can do it on their own machines. But when a development company needs to perform such activities – on a large scale – they often don’t have, and in many cases even have, the computing power needed to perform such tasks locally.

“Can we create a platform that will help these developers and their companies save a lot of time and reduce four or five hours to ten minutes?” Asad Khan says

Khan spent ten years trying to solve this problem. And in their latest venture, Lambaste, they put this solution into production.

The four-year-old startup’s cloud offerings allow users to test their websites and apps on over 3,000 different combinations of browsers, operating systems, devices, and more.

“We built AWS for testers,” he told gaming-updates. “We are not a testing tool company, but we are building an ecosystem where developers can run all kinds of tests written in any language or platform. The platform allows you to complete tasks at any scale and at any time.”

And, as is often the case with fast-growing startups, Lambdatest’s performance has sparked investor interest.

On Tuesday, the startup said it had raised $45 million in a Series C funding round led by Premji Investments Existing investors Sequoia Capital India, Telstra Ventures, Bloom Ventures, Leo Capital and Sandeep Johri, former chief executive of software testing firm Tricentis, also participated in the round, bringing the startup’s total funding to $70 million.

Lambdatest reports that more than 500 enterprises and one million developers and testers in 130 countries use the platform. The company has helped them run over 100 million tests, According to the startup, it achieves 95% faster execution times than the market, increases release throughput by 62%, and identifies 67% of issues before launch. Lambdatest counts Microsoft, Apple, Xerox, Postman, Yale, Directory among its customers on its website.

Khan said the pandemic has also played a key role in convincing many potential customers to look into lambda tests. According to him, startups grew by 300% last year.

“We are very focused on making life easier for developers and QA teams when it comes to organizing and executing tests. In recent months, we have released HyperExecute, a next-generation intelligent test orchestration platform that enables companies to run end-to-end automation tests as quickly as possible. We will be launching our Test-at-Scale (TAS) test analytics platform very soon. It is already in beta. We are also constantly improving the capabilities of our core execution platform,” said Asad Khan.

With some of its offerings, Lambdatest competes with BrowserStack, a $4 billion startup. Without naming competitors, Khan said Lambdatest’s offering is much broader and its approach to scalability is unique. (BrowserStack definitely sees LambdaTest as a competitor. For example, a Google search for LambdaTest last week turned up BrowserStack as the most sponsored result.)

The startup plans to further expand its offerings and workforce. The company currently employs about 250 people, mainly in India and the United States. With the new funding, Khan said he wanted to aggressively expand the team in the Bay Area.

Lambdatest helps companies streamline test execution by providing cost-effective and scalable solutions, as well as giving them more control over their existing infrastructure without adding additional components. They push the boundaries of test speed, reliability, and performance. Atul Gupta, partner at Premji Invest, said in a statement: “We are thrilled to be partnering with this super-ambitious Lambda testing team who are committed to changing the way testing is done.

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