May 25, 2022

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on Tuesday, March 29, 2022! Hey And now I’m flying alone with a bulletin. All of this today and tomorrow as we hear how startups participate in the YC Demo Day, so stay tuned for a flow of stories in the next couple of days. Don’t miss the chance to join us on Wednesday for the DeFi and Future of Programmable Money online event, and then on April 14 for the gaming-updates kickoff.

Please Jacqueline Melinek, who is joining our crypto department and ready for a quick start covering the biggest DeFi hack ever seen. Good story and welcome aboard! I Christine

Vanity Kip top 3

  • HackerRank will test your programming skillsCompetition. The competition for talent is fierce, so how do you know if your potential new hire has it? HackerRank has raised $60 million to not only answer this question, but to continue developing their hiring tools that will allow developers to practice their coding and interviewing skills.
  • Electrical noise after reaching unicorn position, With an IT specialist on call – now. It took Electric more than $1 billion of its $20 million to handle most of this work for IT.
  • DAO for human behavior?: Jacqueline also writes about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, which happily describe what they are and where enthusiasts see them being used in the future – think about funding or decision making.

Startups and venture capitalists

It’s the most amazing time of the year – Y Combinator hasn’t reached 1,000 companies per batch yet, but Demo Day has 424 startups from 42 countries – so as you can imagine, it’s still on gaming-updates towers. It’s a very busy time. Demo Day YC featured 32 startups from India (the accelerator has funded about 200 Indian startups so far) with a focus on fintech. Africa was also represented by over 18 Nigerian startups and six other startups from the rest of the continent.

And good news if you’re just a millionaire and not a member of the exclusive Tres Comas club: Anita reports that Equy is ready to walk you through the back door to her little family office.

Other developments in the startup ecosystem:

2 reasons why demo days are over

image credit: Martin Harvey (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Demo days are all about showcasing tech media, but does this showcase Silicon Valley tradition benefit founders and investors?

In a guest post for TC+, Michael Red, co-founder and president of 22 Ventures, talks about two factors that make demo days less relevant: many startups are signing funding deals before big shows, and founders are more interested in value-added work. investor.

“Simply eliminating the demo day will not help the founders find that value or get investors to bid,” Red writes. “We need to better understand why demo day fails and how to find deals on a more personal level.”

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Sony introduced the updated PlayStation Plus: To keep up with the competition, Sony has combined its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services into one subscription gaming product. The final part of this is adding two more expensive tiers to join the lowest tier, and all three are evaluated monthly, quarterly and yearly. Users in Asia will get access first before it rolls out globally.
  • Amazon Glo connects the history of family members with history: After six months by invitation only, Amazon is now opening up the option for everyone to purchase their Amazon Glo remote call device/projector. The company has created a device so that children can communicate with distant relatives. Want to know how to use it? Check out what Greg Kumperak had to say while testing the device back in December.
  • Tik Tok, GIPHY Partner for Video Creation Tool: TikTok has a new in-app content creation tool called TikTok Library that will initially be populated with GIPHY content. As gaming-updates reports, there’s some irony here that TikTok “uses content from a company that Facebook once bought for $400 million (and is now being asked to sell)” that has since gone social. Vishal’s biggest threat. In addition, we note that TikTok has not specified potential future partners for the library, suggesting it is too soon.

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