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  • TotK: Keys Born of Water Shrine quest location
  • TotK: Keys Born of Water Shrine Quest walkthrough

Whilst many of the sanctuaries in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will also be simply discovered via merely exploring the sector of Hyrule. A few of them are extra hidden than others and require a facet quest to be finished earlier than they seem. Those quests are referred to as Shrine Quests, and one among them is situated in West Necluda and is named “Keys born of water.” By means of finishing this quest from a Steward Assemble, DeadK Avid gamers can disclose the hidden Jochisiu Shrine.

TotK: Keys Born of Water Shrine quest location

To seek out the Steward Assemble that permits the Hyperlink the Shrine quest, DeadK Avid gamers must head to the southern a part of Hyrule. The hunt location is southeast of Hyrule Box, round the corner northeast of the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. (Lovers can click on this hyperlink for a information on restore the Popla Foothills tower.) The The coordinates for the facet quest are 0954, -1874, 0011. The positioning could also be proven at the map under.

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Key Born of Water Zelda Totk Shrine Quest Location Map Hyrule

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TotK: Keys Born of Water Shrine Quest walkthrough

Talk to the assemble underneath the flagstone construction and they are going to inform avid gamers to provide keys of water to the 3 within reach altars. After that, the hidden shrine will disclose itself. The clues given via the NPC are beautiful imprecise, so some avid gamers may well be at a loss for words as to what they in reality want to do to resolve this puzzle. On the other hand, the answer is beautiful easy.



The very first thing avid gamers must do is seize the within reach object flame emitters within the room the place the assemble is situated. Connect it to an indication or simply pick out it up after which Use the hearth to mild the woodpile. For the reason that hearth is robust now, avid gamers must pick out it up (we fused it with one among our weaker shields).

Now that avid gamers have the Frost Emitter, they must pass to the closest frame of water, stand at the shore and freeze the water till a sq. piece of ice bureaucracy.


Be certain it is a sq. form and now not a rectangle, as that would possibly not paintings for this quest. Use Hyperlink’s new Ultrahand talent to pick out up the piece of ice and raise it again to the NPC. There are 3 diamond-shaped slots within the altars subsequent to the assemble, and necessarily avid gamers want to deliver again 3 items of ice to suit the holes. On the other hand, the opposite two cutouts are smaller. To ensure that the rest items of ice to slot in, avid gamers have to carry the ice over the flame to soften it somewhat till it is the easiest dimension.




As soon as avid gamers have compatibility the items in all 3 holes, the search is whole and the Jochisiu Shrine will disclose itself on the most sensible of the construction. Thankfully there is not any thriller to resolve within the shrine.

Jochisiu Shrine Zelda Totk

Avid gamers can merely pass within to earn any other Gentle of Blessing. Additionally within is a chest with a big battery that may hang power able to be recharged Tears of the Kingdom‘s Zonai gadgets.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to be had for the Nintendo Transfer.

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