November 29, 2022

Hundreds of messages gained by way of CNN right through the 1/6 assault referred to as for an investigation into treason towards Trump and his workforce.

Richard Painter tweeted:

Criminal professionals and others, together with Congressman Adam Schiff, have famous that whilst Republicans refuse to carry Trump responsible after seeking to blackmail Ukraine, the present former president and his allies will dare to dedicate new and perhaps even worse crimes.

Those warnings got here true time and again.

The excellent news is that the Justice Division can nonetheless act and prosecute 1/6 of the crimes.

With out felony prosecution, the Republicans are not going to continue to exist, since their conduct is in response to ignoring the need of the folks and the need to stay in energy.

Republicans have stopped seeking to win elections by way of interesting to citizens. They see their technique to energy during the illegalization of the democratic procedure.

Republicans aren’t seeking to win unfastened and honest elections. The Republican Birthday celebration is making an attempt to do away with him, and Merrick Garland and the Justice Division will have doubts about prosecuting Trump. They should view any prosecution as an extension in their venture to shield democracy.

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