May 26, 2022

Tomorrow is a big day for friends and fans of alternative finance around the world and around the world. Yes, DeFi online event and the future of programmable money is so big. A truly global gathering of DeFi and crypto visionaries, developers and organizations working towards a new and better future for finance.

We’d like to draw your attention to some of the panel discussions and topics coming up tomorrow, but first, a short public service announcement.

Enter the zone without tokens: Participation in DeFi and Future of Programmable Money is free, but you need to register to reserve a spot. Summit was co-founded by Zaki Manyan in partnership with Sommelier Finance, a leading crypto project built to automate decentralized financial trading.

Now we are back to our regular programs.

DeFi cannot exist without smart engineers and data scientists, and tomorrow you will have the opportunity to hear their opinion and connect with them. Examples: Vol, Tariq Lewis and Zhibai Zhang; Eric Mayo of Terra Incognita Capital and Unique Divine of PeggyJV. They stop at a presentation titled:

DeFi quants and the emergence of new market wizards: Data scientist, physicist, engineer. The new wizards of the DeFi market are now leveraging the power of composable finance across multi-chains. Learn how new software is creating new financial markets.

If you’re interested in the state of structured products – and if not, you should – join this session:

Decentralized structured products: The structured products that are now emerging in decentralized finance are lowering the barriers to accessing derivatives online. What about decentralized structured products and what’s next?

Moderators: Zaki Manyan (sommelier), Zubin Koticha (Opin), Julian Koch (Ribbon Finance) and John Quinn (Decentral Park Capital). These people may not have a crystal ball in the cryptosphere, but they know their stuff. Start a conversation.

While DeFi may become mainstream, it will take a lot of effort to achieve this goal. And that’s why you wouldn’t want to leave this ongoing discussion:

DeFi for the masses: These are the early days of decentralized finance. What is the future and how can we create the right products for the masses? Join us to talk to the founders working to bring DeFi to the real world, where we’re headed and how we can get there.

Experts in the field include Patrick Baron (MoolaMarket), René Reinsberg (Celo Foundation), Jackie Bona (Valora), and Eric Kueller (Node Wallet).

There is more to discover in the event calendar. Check it out and be sure to register to reserve your spot.

DeFi and the future of programmable money will happen tomorrow, March 30th. Don’t miss this free global meeting. Join us and find out how you can change the future of finance.

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