January 31, 2023

John Dean identified that the witnesses who testified sooner than the 1/6 committee on Monday are Republicans, which contradicts the GOP’s witch hunt claims.

Video by means of John Dean:

Dean advised CNN’s Jim Acosta:

In truth, maximum people know what those other folks testified or will testify as a result of they both spoke about it publicly or in reality testified within the Senate at some initial listening to that used to be nonetheless within the committee on January 6, which failed to directed.

So, this can be a sturdy Republican-based witness checklist. This isn’t a number of Democrats speculating about what came about all the way through the vote. It is the Republicans who know what came about. Thus, this may increasingly additional verify the truth that this isn’t a partisan witch hunt, which appears to be Trump’s major protection.

Republicans like Rep. Jim Jordan and Donald Trump complained that the 1/6 committee used to be a witch hunt, however Dean used to be proper. The witnesses that the American other folks concentrate to are most commonly Republicans. Monday’s witnesses are all Republicans, this means that there used to be no guerrilla witch hunt. The 1/6 Committee is significantly investigating incidents round and all the way through 1/6.

John Dean blew a hollow within the Republicans’ major grievance in regards to the listening to for the reason that GOP’s excuses are over and in actual fact being faked.

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