November 25, 2022

Jim Jordan’s message to households who misplaced youngsters in a college taking pictures is that The us wishes extra consider, circle of relatives, and freedom.

Jordan tweeted:

Fred Gutenberg, who misplaced his daughter within the Parkland taking pictures, spoke back to Jordan:

Mr. Gutenberg’s ache and anger got here from his resolution. American households are destroyed day by day via firearms. Gutenberg raises the most important query.

Republicans are obsessive about their “proper” to have as many weapons as they would like, however what in regards to the rights of guys, ladies, and youngsters killed via firearms?

The sufferers additionally had the suitable to lifestyles, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness stolen from them, as Republicans imagine that the suitable of mass shooters to have as many guns as they would like outweighs the rights of everybody else.

Jim Jordan did not do anything else when his wrestlers have been being sexually abused in Ohio, so he did not do anything else. Whilst younger other folks naturally suffered for Rep. Jordan.

Religion, freedom and circle of relatives would possibly not prevent AR-15 bullets.

Jordan’s resolution isn’t a judgment. The congressman tweeted that regardless of what number of youngsters die, the Republicans don’t have any plans to do anything else.

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