January 31, 2023

On July 4, Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed claiming that American citizens had been in denial and Republicans had been refusing to peer the reality.

Senator Romney wrote in The Atlantic:

And when a distinguished conservative former federal appeals pass judgement on testified that we’re already preventing for our democracy and that there used to be an actual constitutional disaster on January 6, 2021, MAGA supporters snort when he speaks softly and celebrates that the general public were not staring at.


What explains the reckless lack of awareness of doubtless catastrophic risks? The left thinks the precise is guilty for ignoring local weather alternate and attacking our political device. At the proper, the issue at the left is prohibited immigration and overlook of the general public debt. However wishful pondering is going on around the political spectrum. We’re turning into increasingly more a land of denial.

Mitt Romney blames all sides

Romney had noble intentions. He means that The united states must get up, however Senator Romney’s analysis is some distance from the reality.

Mitt Romney argues that all sides are guilty for The united states’s present denial. It is more or less catnip for all sides doing it within the company media. it is a whole bs it is also.

Denial in The united states comes from the Republicans and the Proper

The Republican Celebration has transform a birthday party of denial. They deny that Trump misplaced the 2020 election. The Republican Celebration denies local weather alternate. Republicans deny that weapons are the reason for the mass shootings. The suitable denies that ladies will have to no longer be compelled to have youngsters and refuses to make a choice.

Beneath Trump, the Republicans have long gone from an anti-progress birthday party to an anti-reality birthday party. The 2 aspects can not paintings in combination and the political device works correctly when the Republicans are in denial.

The issue is deeper than Trump’s drawback. Fox Information and conservative media are injecting disinformation and zero-sum partisan politics into their customers to create citizens who punish Republicans for participating with Democrats.

This power prolonged to Romney himself. Utah Republicans voted to indict Donald Trump, in addition to all of Trump’s Splendid Courtroom nominees.

The issue isn’t the denial of The united states. That is Republican denial, and Mitt Romney could also be a part of the issue.

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