May 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to Equity, the startup business podcast where we reveal the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

Welcome to our Friday show! our permanent co-hosts Natasha was free this time, so Mary Ann As well as Alex Weapons related to our manufacturer Elegance To work through the news of the week. As always, we had to choose the most important.

We started with:

  • All things Y Combinator: This is our first set of favorites and our second. Here is an overview of fintech companies by batch and our take on participants from India and Africa.
  • Instagram as a trendsetter: A well-known grocery delivery company has slashed the price at which it will price employee shares, which could be a trend. It looks like Instacart has finally spearheaded a potential vanguard of similar moves by other companies. We’re also thinking about how startup valuation can regain its luster.
  • Games: With the massive Axie Infinity hack making headlines, we discussed the issue and how other startups are tinkering with the “play to earn” market.
  • and we’re done with social network themeWhat Elon Musk does and how Facebook managed to confirm the general doubts about his ethics.

Wow! What week, all of you. Chat Monday!

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