May 25, 2022

Instacart today announced that it is bringing in-store navigation, real-time phone support, and a suite of shopper security tools to its platform. The company says the set of new features is part of its renewed commitment to bringing new product features to customers within a month.

A new in-app navigation feature gives shoppers an interactive map of the supermarket where they shop. Instacart says the maps include the exact location of products to help shoppers navigate the store and find products more easily. The company told gaming-updates that the new facility is being tested with 15 of its retail partners at more than 80 retail locations in 17 states and the Canadian province of Ontario. Instacart plans to add more retail partners and outlets in the future.

Instacart’s new real-time phone support feature allows users to speak with a representative to get help fulfilling a customer’s order. The company says the new support feature will help shoppers resolve any issues they may encounter during a purchase or delivery, such as payment issues or instances where a customer cannot accept their order. Representatives will be available from call centers in the United States and internationally.

A new suite of security tools gives shoppers access to tools such as in-app emergency calls, incident reports, and security alerts in the Shopper app. The toolkit is similar to DoorDash’s recently released SafeDash App Delivery Security Toolkit on its platform.

John Adams, Vice President, said: “The features we’re introducing today will help keep shoppers safe on the platform and support them every step of the way in their store, from the moment they take a shopper’s order.” – President of the store. and fulfillment products on Instacart, in the application. “In the coming months, we look forward to introducing additional features based on direct customer feedback that will help us achieve the best customer experience.”

Launch of New Security Features Instacart recently launched a new Buyer Security Warning feature in November, which is now available in the Security Toolkit. The new feature notifies shoppers of important local events and uses law enforcement, social media and local news to generate automated alerts. Instacart deliveries in the area of ​​the incident will be notified in the Shopper app so they can assess the situation and possibly avoid the area. If the courier is in the middle of the order, the application will automatically abort the order. Instacart says it will look into incidents and may suspend operations entirely in certain areas if they pose a risk to workers.

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